MPER Partner School Districts and University educators work together to achieve a common goal of simultaneous renewal of education. They work collaboratively toward four objectives:

  1. Educating children and youth
  2. Preparing school professionals and future educators
  3. Providing ongoing professional development for practicing educators
  4. Engaging in inquiry and action research centered on the discovery, development, demonstration, and dissemination of best practices in teaching and learning

Such renewal embraces both ongoing improvement of practice and the preparation of new generations of school professionals.

Benefits of MPER Membership

Membership Pricing

MPER Partner School Districts are grouped into four tiers according to their size:

  • Tier I: student populations between 7,000 and 44,000
    • Yearly membership fee: $4,200
  • Tier II: student populations between 1,651 and 6,999
    • Yearly membership fee: $3,325
  • Tier III: student populations between 601 and 1650
    • Yearly membership fee: $2,450
  • Tier IV: student populations between 1 and 600
    • Yearly membership fee: $1,225