Adrian Clifton

  • Lead Teacher for Speech

Dr. Adrian Chanel Clifton is an international educator, motivational speaker, and activist. She co-founded the Worley Street Roundtable, an educational nonprofit supporting underrepresented students and teachers. Dr. Clifton’s research focuses on intersectionality and literacy. Her dissertation focused on five African American girls living at the intersection of race and poverty. Her other research interests include the impact of spirituality and community based pedagogical spaces in the lives of marginalized students.

With 20 years of teaching experience expanding from preschool to adult education, Dr. Clifton is passionate about connecting with students through the use of stories, music and cultures. She recently moved back to the states from Brazil where she launched the Mizzou Academy Elementary Math curriculum at Colegio Magno, a partner school in São Paulo, SP.

Dr. Clifton currently serves as the Lead Teacher for Speech at Mizzou Academy.