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What Are People Saying About Us? Quotes from families and professionals working with families who have used our WarmLine service:

“They went out of the way to help me get the proper resources for the 6 month old I started fostering.  I will refer ParentLink to anyone I know needing info.  Thanks for all your help.”

 “. . . very reassuring that help will be provided and that the proper agency was contacted.  (She) understands the difficulty I am going through and assisted me providing information and personal assistance.  She has been a glimmer of light that my children may get the help they need regarding the abuse they are going through at their mother’s home.”

 “Thankful and surprised to get strengthened and encouraged from our conversation.  (Very likely to call again) Because of the ready to listen attitude and if she did not have the answers she was willing to look up information–took pressure off of me.”  “(To what extent did services make a difference. . .) Making a schedule opened up our communication line.  I was not sure how to talk about the problem.  All I had to do was tell her I made a schedule.  Having the conversation gave me thoughts that I could hold on to and they helped me through the days that followed and it also made me think. . .Someone is thinking of you.  Thanks!”

 “She listened carefully to me.  Provided very useful advice that was specific to my particular situation. . .I’ve learned that ParentLink is a source that I can trust.  They truly care and will help. . .I felt much better after my phone conversation because I was provided with tools to start fixing my situation.  The materials they sent me over the mail, by email, and the resources they referred by phone were not ‘generic’ materials but were clearly selected after carefully thinking about my particular problem.  I have followed many of the advice provided and have been more successful at dealing with my situation. . .I was particularly impressed and very happy to receive a call from the person I talked to at PL because she thought of additional resources for me.  This was days after we talked.  Knowing that someone calls and will help you get through difficult times is invaluable.”

“They were kind, tried to find services and even called back.  They were so kind.  I was unable to find any services that could help me at this time, but it was nice to know people cared this much.  This has been extremely hard for me because I am usually the one helping but the staff at ParentLink made it much easier for me.  Thank you.”

“The service provider is compassionate and patient, their effort was wonderful.  I work with re-entry of offenders and have ongoing questions. Many of my clients have questions regarding their children.  It is wonderful to have support they can reach to for help.  I really believe the ‘WarmLine’ is a fantastic proactive idea!  Way to go!  Keep up the great work.”

“The information was very useful.  I found many resources that I can call and use.  The staff is very open and understand the material I asked for.  The people seemed like they wanted to help him find information that I needed and very timely manner I received the material.  I not only can use this resource but I work with families daily that I also use ParentLink as a referral for them.  This is the 2nd time.  Again I would use again if needed.  Thank you.  This is a big help.”

“They gave me info about parenting classes in my area.  I am a social worker and I often look for all the service providers/programs available.  Then I refer families to most appropriate services.  Before I called ParentLink, I only knew of a few parenting classes in my area.  None of these classes were the right time or topic.  ParentLink told me about several other classes, and one of these classes was a perfect fit.”

“It was prompt and thorough.  The worker was very empathetic and gave good suggestions.  I got great materials and service!  I asked for materials for my families that were very helpful and they sent an extra copy for our files at work.  The families I gave the materials to were very touched by the support of ParentLink also.  Keep up the good work!  Thank you.”

“She was very professional and compassionate.  It was nice to be understood as far as what we were dealing with.  She provided other resources online in regards to bullying.  The idea of role-playing with our own children is beneficial.  She changed my day in a positive way.  I was listened to and she understood.”

“When I called I had devastating sadness.  The person at ParentLink helped me quickly recover with sensible thoughts.. . .What could have been weeks of sorrow was managed in one day.”

“. . . it’s helping me to communicate with my child better to where he can understand what’s going on. . .I want to learn more about this.  My wife and kids are going through a very rough time dealing with me being gone.  The ParentLink has helped us to communicate better and given us a more positive outlook on things that we are dealing with.”

“I had checked out books weeks prior to the call but couldn’t find the book or passage that really helped me understand how to assist my son or proceed with a plan to help the problem.  The resources sent to me addressed the problems I was having directly and helped me feel clear on how to proceed and empowered me to help my son.  I appreciated that the representative made great effort to fully understand me.  He didn’t rush me but was also quick with helping me to get a full grasp of my thoughts and helping me feel supported with possible solutions/tools.  I was a little nervous prior to the call that there may be judgement about my parenting skills.  But the representative was supportive and understanding.”

“Sent extra help promptly. . .I could talk to a person who was very knowledgeable and not a recording!”