ParentLink Navigator System of Care, work in Missouri’s Bootheel area to help improve parents’ access to resources, University of Missouri College of Education

Access Navigators

The purpose of the Access Navigator is to assist individuals and families to fully connect with needed resources that relate to improving health and well-being.

Here are some examples and types of assistance the Navigators can provide:

  • Assistance with completing Medicaid applications
  • SNAP and other social service applications
  • Home visiting programs
  • Connection to Legal Services
  • Housing
  • Transportation supports

To ensure a full connection, Access Navigators assist with access issues by providing problem-solving support, advocating, and emailing. For example, a client requests assistance completing a Medicaid application. The Access Navigator can provide assistance by completing and submitting the application and following up to determine the status on behalf of the client.

ParentLink Access Navigators are credential community healthcare workers (CHW-C). We are continually learning best practices and re-evaluating our program to improve our services. Please expect that new initiatives and/or priorities will arise. As this occurs, the ParentLink administrative staff will develop policies and procedures and provide needed training.

For more information about ParentLink Navigator System of Care, contact Freda Kershaw at