What is ParentLink’s Kinship Navigator Line (Kin-4-Kid Line)?

ParentLink’s Kinship Navigator Line (Kin-4-Kid Line) exists to assist and strengthen families of relative/kin caregivers, grandparents, and foster parents caring for children in a kinship relationship. This includes children being cared for by kin in foster care or legal guardianship arrangements, children at risk of entering foster care being cared for by kin, and children being cared for by kin outside of the child welfare system.

  • Visit with professionals who can assist you in thinking through solutions to your caregiving concerns. Kin-4-Kid line staff are Master’s level professionals in human service fields such as Human Development and Family Studies, Social Work, and Education and Counseling Psychology.
  • Obtain community service and other resource information.

In areas of the state where we have funding to do so, we also offer follow-up calls to ensure that caregivers get connected with needed resources. During follow-up, we help caregivers problem-solve any barriers to accessing services and provide additional information and referrals as needed.

A list of basic resources for kinship caregivers can be found here.

How do I contact the ParentLink Kin-4-Kid Line? 

  • Call 1-833-KIN 4 KID or 1-833-546-4543
  • Parentlink uses Language Select to answer calls from families and providers who speak any language.

Who uses the ParentLink Kin-4-Kid Line? 

  • Relative/kin caregivers, grandparents, and foster parents use the Kin-4-Kid line for help with caregiving questions and addressing the unique situations encountered by caregivers raising children who are not biologically their own.
  • Friends, family members, volunteers, and a variety of professionals who want to assist a caregiver.

When is the ParentLink Kin-4-Kid Line available?

The Kin-4-Kid line is available 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday and 12 pm-5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Phone messages may be left before and after hours.