The goal and mission of the Heart of Missouri Regional Professional Development Literacy Team is to present educators with evidence-based supports for effective instructional methods, assessments, and activities to improve student academic performance. 

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The Heart of Missouri literacy team from left to right: Candice Robb, Aileen Taft, Madison Koukol, Debbie Schroer, and Whitley Melton.

Science of Reading Knowledge and Application:

Using decades of research in brain development, your Heart of Missouri Literacy Team is available to provide districts with engaging professional development opportunities. 

  • Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) Training
  • Science of Reading professional development opportunities in the five pillars of effective reading instruction: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension
  • Instructional practices that include multimodal strategies
  • Application and implementation support through free literacy coaches 

K-12 Evidence – Based Literacy Practices: 

The Heart of Missouri Literacy Consultants can provide supports to districts in the areas of:

  • Standards, curriculum, assessments
  • Science of Reading practices
  • Disciplinary Literacy, comprehensive literacy, adolescent literacy
  • Content writing to support literacy
  • Interpreting student data to support intervention methods

Dyslexia Trainings and Resources:

Heart of Missouri Literacy Consultants are available to provide districts with professional learning and resources which align with the Missouri legislation guidelines for dyslexia trainings. 

  • Dyslexia trainings K-12
  • Resources
  • Assessments

Madison Koukol

Literacy & Instruction Consultant

Candice Robb

Improvement Consultant - K-3 Literacy