The Heart of Missouri RPDC offers Mentor Training for those experienced teachers who will be mentoring beginning teachers during the school year.

Research has shown that, “Teacher leaders with specific training before working as mentors to novice teachers may have greater success in impacting professional growth, development, and success” (Gielbelhause & Bowman, 2002). Due to the influence mentor teachers have in a school, mentoring is powerful professional development for teacher leaders. An Eric Digest Report from 2001 revealed that, “…the benefits mentors derive from mentoring may be of equal or even greater importance than those experienced by novice teachers.” (Teacher Mentoring as PD, 2001). The research is clear that, “…highly-qualified mentors may be associate with an increase in student achievement, improved student behavior, and greater teacher enthusiasm.” (White & Mason, 2003)

Benefits of teachers as mentors

  • Increased professional competency (Mei, 1993; Yosha, 1991; Clinard & Ariav, 1998; Ganser, 1997; Tomlinson, 1995)
  • Sense of renewal (Ford & Parsons, 2000; Steffey, Wolfe, Pasch, & Erz, 2000)
  • Psychological benefits (Wollman-Bonilla, 1997; Carger, 1996; Scott, 1999)
  • Collaboration (Boreen, Johnson, Niday, Potts, 2000; Ford, Parsons, 2000; Mei, 1993; Scott, 1999; Freiberg, Zbikowski, Ganser, 1996)

Don’t miss this opportunity to give mentor teachers the information and training they need to support new teachers while increasing their own professional learning and development as teacher leaders.


A critical part of the learning experience for beginning teachers is the mentor. Learn how to support and nurture beginning and 2nd year teachers as they navigate the statewide process, district goals, and their first two years in the classroom. Meetings are free for those with teachers in the Emerging A or B (Year 1 or Year 2 Beginning Teacher Assistance) Program.

Teachers who sign up for the Mastering C Mentoring Program through My Learning Plan will receive an added training bonus by Mike Rutherford. This training occurs in early August. Sign up will be available through My Learning Plan beginning April 1, 2022.


Terri Steffes

Teacher Development Specialist