Missouri Professional Learning Communities create sustainable collaborative cultures to ensure high levels of learning for all!

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are dedicated to ensuring all students learn at elevated levels. This is achieved through processes that shift focus on learning, develop a collaborative culture, and judge every action by the results produced. A Professional Learning Community continuously improves its culture, practices, and outcomes by analyzing teaching and learning in order to make focused decisions that support student needs.

The Missouri Professional Learning Communities curriculum aims systemic, continuous improvement and includes six distinct strands of learning:

  1. Learning Community Culture and Continuous Improvement
  2. Effective Building Level Leadership
  3. Effective Collaborative Teams
  4. What Students Need to Know and Do
  5. How Will We Know When Students Have Learned?
  6. How Will We Respond When Students Have/Have Not Learned?

The Heart of Missouri RPDC is a part of the Missouri Professional Learning Communities Project. Learn more at www.moplc.org.


Mark Clements

Improvement Consultant - Professional Learning Communities clementsma@missouri.edu