“Positive Coaching” Workshop Now Free to All Missouri High Schools

In an unprecedented effort, The Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching (MIPC) and the MU College of Education have made the Positive Coaching Digital Workshop free to schools throughout the entire state, thanks to generous donations and a desire to develop “winning kids with sport.”

Rick McGuire
Rick McGuire

Rick McGuire, director of MIPC and a prominent sport psychology leader, professor, and long-time head track & field coach, has worked with the Missouri School Boards Association and the Missouri State High School Activities Association to offer the workshop to Missouri schools for the 2016-17 academic year. The Power of Positive Coaching Digital Workshop consists of ten video presentations, 13 written lessons, and self-evaluative quizzes.

“We’ve provided workshops throughout Missouri and other states such as Wisconsin, Kansas, Virginia, and Texas,” said McGuire. “Our digital format will allow every coach, every administrator and faculty member access to this impacting educational experience at any time, from anywhere. No meetings or speakers are required!”

“We’re grateful to Dr. Rick McGuire and the Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching for providing this wonderful gift to Missouri school districts,” said Missouri School Boards’ Association Executive Director Melissa Randol. “Coaches are some of the most influential people in the lives of our students. It’s critical that they use that influence to encourage and support the students they coach.”

“I believe Positive Coaching is shared vision of what interscholastic athletics should be: a fun and positive experience for our kids,” said Kerwin Urhahn, Missouri State High School Activities Association Executive Director.

“This message will transform your outlook on leadership, coaching, teaching and parenting,” said Bryan Thomsen, Superintendent for the North Callaway School District. Thomsen reports that the impact of Positive Coaching at North Callaway has increased student attendance, participation in extra-curricular activities, increase in school spirit, higher work ethic from both students and athletes, increase in parental support, higher staff morale, and increased motivation from staff.

“Positive Coaching has changed the entire philosophy of our athletic program,” said Bernie DuBray, Superintendent for the Fort Zumwalt School District.  “Our coaches think about why they are doing something with their teams and how it fits with Positive Coaching. I have never received so many positive reports by officials on our coaches and teams before adopting and implementing this program. I don’t understand why every superintendent and school wouldn’t want to have their school be a Positive Coaching School.”

The Positive Coaching Academic program, which includes the master’s degree, is the fastest growing online program at Mizzou. For more information, visit https://cehd.missouri.edu/positivecoaching/.
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