#MizzouGivingDay profiles: Leadership Team

Mizzou Giving Day leadership team

Mizzou Giving Day is the perfect opportunity to join your co-workers and support students, teaching, and research in the MU College of Education. Every gift has a reason, and here are some of the reasons the Leadership Team above gives:

Erica Lembke: “I want to support the institution that I love and that supports me. My colleagues, my teaching, my research, my students are all part of Mizzou. It makes me so happy to give back to this important influence.”

John Lannin: “I give to Mizzou because I see the difference it makes for our students. I’m fortunate to be able to interact with some of the brightest students who desire to make a difference through serving as educators. I also interact with students who experience a variety of financial hardships that serve as barriers for them reaching their career goals. I’m happy to invest in these students and in the future of Mizzou.”

Gabrielle Malfatti: “I give to Mizzou because leading our Teach Abroad program, I got to see firsthand the transformational impact that donor funded travel awards have on our students’ growth and professional development. I give to Mizzou because I have seen firsthand the dividends my investment pays in the form of students’ broaden horizons, global engagement and professional attainment. Because investing in our students contributes to their welfare, living up to our motto: Salus populi suprema lex esto.”

Matt Burns: “Funding allows for research to continue and for students to be active in it. Students can attend conferences or complete their dissertations, and the College can invest in projects that will positively affect the lives of people who live in Missouri and the entire country.”

Brad Curs: “The primary impact I see is that gifts to Mizzou allow students to concentrate on their academic programs, which allows them to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.”

James Tarr: ““By giving to Mizzou, I am expressing my gratitude for all of the opportunities this great institution has provided me. Funding in our department goes for critical scholarships and major initiatives such as faculty fellowships, graduate student travel, guest lecturers, and so much more.”


Steve Adams: “We have so many students who are fantastic, smart and passionate. Everything we do to help them learn, grow and be more successful is an investment in our future.”