International Society To Recognize SISLT’s Johannes Strobel

Johannes Strobel, Professor in the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, will be recognized later this June with the 2018 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) STEM Excellence Award at the ISTE’s Conference and Expo in Chicago.

Johannes Strobel

The ISTE recognizes educators who work to increase access to computer science for all students, and who use technology with young children and lead districtwide innovation.

Strobel is the lead designer for Hands on Standards – STEM in Action, a set of integrated STEM modules for pre-K to 5th grade students. The product has been used in 200,000 classrooms, reaching an estimated six million U.S. students, and the international version is in use in 35 countries.

Each one of the 23 different individual modules include unique, hands-on learning devices designed by Strobel and his team, including an earthquake shake table, a wave generator, a passive solar energy house, a hand pollinator, and a Morse code and fiber optic communication system. Each module is accompanied by instructional videos, electronic handouts and STEM implementation guides.

In addition to the ISTE STEM Excellence Award, Strobel received the 2018 Science Educator Award from The Academy of Science of St. Louis.

Johannes Strobel for receiving the Academy of Science – St. Louis 2018 Science Educator Award with Dean Kathryn Chval.