New Book Addresses Immigration Issues in Schools

Educational Leadership of Immigrants
Case Studies in Times of Change

Around the world, a mass movement of people is happening at a rate never seen before. 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that, as of 2017, 69.5 million people have been forcibly displaced, including refugees and those seeking asylum. In the United States, there are 44 million immigrants, and recent changes in policy and law have impacted schools in numerous ways. 

MU College of Education researchers Lisa Dorner and Emily Crawford-Rossi, Associate Professors in the University of Missouri College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, (ELPA) have published a book that uses case studies which draw from real-life situations to illustrate and address educational challenges related to immigration.

“Educational Leadership of Immigrants – Case Studies in Times of Change” gives educators, school leaders, and policy makers insight into the best ways to support K-12 immigrant and immigrant-background students and their families by examining issues that have happened at schools across the country in rural, suburban, and urban contexts.

Some of the topics include school choice, standardized testing, developing welcoming environments, documentation and immigration enforcement issues, culturally responsive leadership in rural settings, educating refugee youth, creating and sustaining district-wide change in a new immigrant destination, and more.

Emily Crawford-Rossi headshot, MU College of Education
Emily Crawford-Rossi

“U.S. schools and classrooms are becoming more diverse with students from different cultural, linguistic, legal, and religious backgrounds. The case studies in this book are a great tool that Pk-12 leaders, teachers, and other educators can use to learn how to proactively work through dilemmas of practice in providing the best education for immigrant and immigrant-background students. Each case study also offers suggestions for research-based practices educators can implement in their schools to enhance student sense of belonging, school climate, and achievement,” says Crawford.

Lisa Dorner, Associate Professor, PK12 Policy, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, University of Missouri College of Education
Lisa Dorner

Dorner adds: “Immigration and immigration policy are topics of conversation around the globe as more people are moving across borders, voluntarily and involuntarily. Schools are often the first institution immigrant families encounter. The book features work by experts in fields like educational leadership, language policy, multicultural education, school climate, counseling psychology, and more—preparing schools and school leaders to respond to changes in the immigration landscape and school and community demographics.”

The book also includes Chris Belcher, Assistant Teaching Professor, Lina Trigos-Carrillo, previous post-doctoral fellow, and Edwin Bonney, Sarah Hairston, Warapark Maitreephun, and Ryan Rumpf, who are all current ELPA students or graduates.