55th Annual Awards Banquet

The College of Education and Human Development is proud to recognize the achievements of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who have made outstanding contributions to the College. The 55th annual awards banquet was held on March 10, 2023, at the State Historical Society of Missouri.

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Award recipients:

  • Friend of the College: Jolene Schulz
  • Alumni Achievement, Lifetime: Kathy Steinhoff
  • Alumni Achievement, Professional: Shawn Woodhouse
  • Alumni Achievement, Early Career: Amanda Minear 
  • Outstanding Engagement & Outreach – External: Eryca Neville
  • Outstanding Engagement & Outreach – Internal: Kale Monk
  • Outstanding Research and Scholarship – Faculty: Erica Lembke
  • Outstanding Research and Scholarship – Faculty, Early Career: Jessica Rodrigues
  • Outstanding Research and Scholarship – Graduate Student: Matthew Ogan
  • Outstanding College Teaching, Faculty: Greg Sullivan
  • Outstanding College Teaching, Faculty, Early Career: Danielle Oprean
  • Outstanding College Teaching, Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Rob Petrone
  • Outstanding College Teaching, Graduate Student: Emily Charvat 
  • Outstanding Student Leadership, Graduate: Hanamori Skoblow 
  • Outstanding Student Leadership, Undergraduate: Allaire Pigg
  • Outstanding Professional Staff: Amy Adam
  • Outstanding Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, Faculty: Linda Helmick 
  • Outstanding Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, Graduate Student: Monica Romero
  • Outstanding Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity & Equity, Undergraduate Student: Tom Aviram

Learn more about the awards or view past recipients here.