Angie Zapata

Angie Zapata

  • Associate Professor
  • Faculty Fellow, Dr. Lydia Walker Faculty Fellowship in Reading and Literacy

Dr. Angie Zapata, associate professor of Language and Literacies Education at the University of Missouri, is a longtime teacher, teacher educator and researcher. Through collaborative inquiry partnerships with practicing and inservice PK-12 teachers, her research publications highlight classroom experiences featuring picturebooks with diverse representation, and how/what translingual and transmodal literacies are produced in these moments. Dr. Zapata’s research is guided by her experiences growing up bilingual in Texas as a daughter of immigrant parents from Perú, and deep commitments to center anti-oppressive and justice-oriented language and literacies experiences in the classroom that nurture more inclusive schooling experiences for racialized bi/multilingual/multidialectal children and youth.

Her research and teaching contributions have been recognized as a recipient of the Early Career Research Award from the National Council of Teachers of English Children’s Literature Assembly and as the Inaugural Recipient of the Dr. Lydia Walker Faculty Fellowship in Reading and Literacy from the University of Missouri. Her service to the field includes serving as co-editor of Literacy Research: Theory, Methods, and Practice as well as the Journal of Children’s Literature. Currently, Dr. Zapata partners with early childhood educators in racially, linguistically, and ethnically complex Missouri classrooms with generous support from the Foundation for Child Development and the U.S. Department of Education. Her research has been published in journals such Research in the Teaching of English, Journal of Literacy Research, Language Arts, The Reading Teachers, Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, and English Teaching, Practice and Critique. Her book entitled Deepening Student Engagement with Diverse Picturebooks: Powerful Classroom Practices for Elementary Teachers is forthcoming as part of the Principle in Practice Series published by the National Council of Teachers of English.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Language and Literacies Education
    • Early Reading Education
    • Literature-Based Instruction
    • Translingual/Transmodal Literacies