Bob McGill

  • Migrant Identification & Recruiting Program Recruiter

Bob McGill is a recruiter for the Missouri Migrant Education Program (MEP). He recruits Central and Southwest Missouri students and supports family engagement for districts throughout the state.

A third generation rural Missourian, Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from William Jewell College and appreciates the value immigrant students bring to rural Missouri schools. His work draws on experience in individual and public advocacy for farmworkers and recent immigrants; program evaluation and development; and assisting non-profits and public agencies that serve Latinx families in the areas of education, health, and immigration.

Bob and other Missouri MEP recruiters work with schools, employers, and community organizations to locate and serve students whose formal education is interrupted by their families’ frequent moves in search of agricultural employment.

Before Missouri MEP, Bob worked in special education advocacy for ten years. He is interested in students and educators who learn at the intersection of these two challenging sets of circumstances.