Brenda Lohman

  • Professor
  • Department Chair - Human Development and Family Science
  • Director - Center for Family Policy and Research

Dr. Brenda Lohman has specialized in a family system and developmental contextualist approach, earning a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from The Ohio State University in 2000. Over the past two decades, Dr. Lohman’s research has explored adolescents health including obesity, as well as their romantic relationships and sexual experiences and their impact on health and behaviors into adulthood. Dr. Lohman’s scholarship on adolescent health and family policy, particularly for underrepresented youth and families with limited family incomes, has shaped our understanding of at-risk youth and their families.

Dr. Lohman has a strong history of translating research to practice and a dedication to the policy implications of her work. As a leader in administrative roles and among family health and policy professionals, Dr. Lohman has benefited HDFS scholars nationwide. Dr, Lohman’s administrative and leadership skills have been shaped by a variety of roles (Interim Dean, Associate Dean, Director of Center for Family Policy and Research, Chair, Director of Graduate Education), as well as serving on college and university committees, faculty mentoring committees, and as an elected committee member and officer for the professional organizations. She sits on the APLU Board on Health and Human Sciences as the Advocacy Chair, the APLU Budget and Advocacy Committee, the GP-IDEA Board of Human Sciences, Chairs the International Young Scholars Program for the Society for Research on Adolescence, and was elected a National Council on Family Relations Fellow in 2021.

Areas of Expertise

  • Academic, physical, psychosocial, & sexual adjustment of adolescents and young adults
  • Assessing contexts that influence development over time
  • Translates research into best practices and policy
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