Erica Lembke

  • Associate Dean for Research
  • Curators’ Distinguished Professor

Erica Lembke is a Professor in the Department of Special Education, a Senior Advisor for the National Center on Intensive Intervention, past-president of the national board of the Division for Learning Disabilities, and past editor of the journal Assessment for Effective Intervention. Recently she served as department chair for 5 years and interim dean for 1.5 years in the college.

Her research interests include helping support teachers in data-based decision making through designing and implementing Curriculum-Based Measures in elementary and secondary grades and developing strategies to improve elementary students’ literacy and mathematics performance. She is currently Principal Investigator on an IES grant to examine support for middle school mathematics, co-PI on an OSEP leadership grant, co-PI on an MTSS network grant funded through the US Dept. of Ed, and Co-PI on an EIR grant to study a replication of Fraction Face Off.

Areas of Expertise

  • Academic Interventions for Students Who Are Struggling or Identified with Special Needs
  • Development of Curriculum-Based Measurement Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools in Mathematics, Writing, Social Studies, and Science
  • Data Based Decision Making for teachers
  • Response to Intervention