Jeni Hart

  • Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
  • Professor, Higher Education

Dr. Jeni Hart is the Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Studies at the University of Missouri. She is also Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA). Dr. Hart joined ELPA as an assistant professor in 2003. She completed her PhD in Higher Education Administration at the University of Arizona. Prior to becoming a faculty member, she worked for 9 years as a student affairs educator at a number of colleges and universities, and one year as a faculty member at Southeast Missouri State University. Dr. Hart’s scholarship centers on three mutually reinforcing themes: faculty work, gender and feminisms, and campus climate. Specifically, she is interested in how organizational structures in academe mutually shape the experiences of those in higher education, particularly women and feminist faculty. Dr. Hart serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education and the NASPA Journal about Women in Higher Education.

Areas of Expertise

  • Faculty issues
  • Campus climate and organizational transformation
  • Feminisms and gender within academe