Kellie Seals

  • Assistant Extension Professor
  • 4-H State Specialist in College and Career Pathways

Dr. Kellie Seals earned a joint Doctorate of Education in agricultural education from Texas A&M and Texas Tech Universities in 2021 and holds a Master of Science in instructional technology from Mississippi State University (2011). Dr. Seals works with both researchers and practitioners to serve youth in the state of Missouri by leading college and career programming and evaluation efforts for Missouri 4-H.

Her professional background is in teaching, rural public education administration, postsecondary readiness programming, research education, and instructional design. Her research interests include experiential learning, career interest development, rural education, and student-teacher (youth-mentor) relationships. She leads collaborative efforts to improve inclusivity in college and career programming practices.

Areas of Expertise

  • Career interest development
  • Experiential and authentic teaching and learning
  • College and career youth programming and evaluation
  • Andragogical and pedagogical instructional design
  • Research at HDFS