Kimberly Kester

  • Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
  • Interdisciplinary Chair, Language Arts & Personal Development

Kimberly Kester has experience teaching English learners from kindergarten through collegiate levels, and from newcomers to those striving to prepare for standardized proficiency tests. Her passion for literature and language comes through in her teaching techniques which focus on making connections between texts, students’ lives, and the world as a whole. Her goal in the classroom is to demonstrate respect for all cultures and backgrounds in order to facilitate equal opportunities in learning for everyone.

Ms. Kester leads 9th grade ELA, Critical Thinking and Study Skills (CTSS), and our Co-Teach sections of Career Planning and Capstone. She is also a curriculum writer for our elementary program.

Degrees and Certifications:

  • B.A. English Language and Literature
  • M.Ed. ESOL
  • Ed.S. International Education
  • Certifications: K-12 TESOL, 5-9 Language Arts, 9-12 Literature

Areas of Expertise

  • Student strategies for critical thinking, literary analysis, and writing
  • Classroom culture with multicultural and international foci
  • English Learners
  • Refugee education