Lee Fent

  • Database Programmer Analyst

Lee Fent works with the back-end systems that power Mizzou Academy. Lee began his career working with a company that provided signal controls to CD mastering lathes for major duplication houses. After years of travelling the globe as a field engineer, Lee moved to a similar position with a company providing modern interfaces and communication systems to mainframe driven applications. Lee eventually started working with the College of Veterinary Medicine and developed several applications that saw a decade or more of use and were shared with other veterinary colleges. Lee has worked extensively with veterinary and agricultural education and improvement programs. During this period Lee worked with distilling raw data into more useful forms and kicked off the next phase of his career. Since this time Lee has developed tools and systems to help manage data streams, render useful metrics from that data, help inform decision processes, and automate business processes that feed the data.

Areas of Expertise

  • Database operations and tuning
  • Systems management
  • Web Development
  • Automation tooling
  • Obscure comments that only he thinks are funny
  • WordPress plugin development and operations
  • User management and operations in Google G-Suite