Lisa Scheese

  • Bachelors of Educational Studies Program Coordinator
  • EdD Program Coordinator
  • Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Lisa Scheese is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri. Dr. Scheese earned her undergraduate degree from Columbia College in Business and Management Information Systems, her Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Instructional Technology from Stephens College, and her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri.

She teaches courses in the EdD, Higher Ed, and BES programs, and is the Coordinator for the Educational Doctorate Program in Educational Leadership as well as the Bachelor of Educational Studies-Educational Leadership track.

Prior to joining the College of Education, Dr. Scheese worked as a teaching assistant for Title I schools, and served in several administrative roles, including: Coordinator of the Success Center at Stephens College, Academic Advisor, and Assistant and Interim Director of the largest single TRiO Student Support Services Program in the nation, where her primary focus was on supporting underrepresented students.

Areas of Expertise

  • Underrepresented College Student Support
  • Higher Education Inequities
  • Chronic Illness and Resiliency