Reah Morabith

  • Migrant English Language Learning Improvement Specialist

Reah Morabith is the Migrant English Language Learning (MELL) specialist for the Heart of Missouri RPDC. Reah is experienced in working with EL, minority, and migrant students of all ages and has led faculty and staff training in English language learning and culturally inclusive pedagogy. As a MELL program representative, Reah provides tailored professional development opportunities for all levels of educators to build capacity in delivering sound, research-based services to ELs, migrant students, and their families, and strategies that will empower parental involvement in the education of ELs and migrant students. Reah works with school districts to help them comply with federal and state guidelines for EL and migrant education, and provides information and assistance with EL/migrant identification, recruitment, and enrollment.

Reah loves learning and adding to her own knowledge and skill sets and always looks forward to helping other educators do the same. She earned her B.A. & M.A. in TESOL from Multnomah University in Portland Oregon. During her time at university, she taught in Japan and for an Adult ESOL Community program. She came to Missouri from Alaska where she was the A.A. General Studies Program Faculty Chair working specifically with Alaska Native EL students.