Sarah Fuller

  • Pre-ETS Specialist

Sarah has been with MU Pre-ETS since 2016. She received an Associate of Arts from Ozarks Technical College in 2009, and a Bachelor of Education in History from Missouri State University in 2012. Prior to Pre-ETS, her educational experience includes work as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, and classroom special education teacher. Sarah believes strongly that the best learning must begin with caring. Some of her most favorite things to do include enjoying nature scenery, reading mystery novels, and reading storybooks to children (most of all to her sons).

Sarah serves the following school districts: Ash Grove; Bolivar; Bolivar EPCO; Bolivar Hoops, Dadeville; Everton; Fair Play; Good Samaritan; Greenfield; Halfway; Humansville; Lockwood; Marion C. Early; Pleasant Hope; Springfield LAUNCH; Walnut Grove; and Willard.