Stephanie Walter

Stephanie Walter

  • Director of Teaching and Learning

Stephanie Walter serves as the Director of Teaching and Learning at Mizzou Academy. She holds a University of Missouri BS Ed in Secondary Language Arts and completed her MS Ed in Creative Arts in Education through Lesley University. Throughout her 20+ years of teaching, Ms. Walter has taught in public, private, and blended classrooms, meeting students from all over the world and encouraging them as they evolve as writers and learners. Her current role affords her the opportunity to develop curriculum, support lead teachers, manage a large team of instructional specialists, and partner with classroom teachers. In all of these roles, Ms. Walter shares best practices in online and blended education and helps to foster student success.  During her tenure with Mizzou Academy, she has authored and co-authored 21 online and blended courses and also led professional developments and workshops around the world. She has a new book co-authored with Dr. Fishman-Weaver under contract and set for a spring 2022 release. This book explores her passion for cultivating culture and connection in the blended classroom.

Certifications and Degrees

  • B.Ed. in Secondary Language Arts
  • M.Ed. in Creative Arts in Education

Areas of Expertise

  • English Language Arts Instruction
  • Writing Process
  • New Teacher Orientation and Mentoring
  • Curriculum and Design
  • Feedbacking