Steve Turner

  • Instructional Developer

Steven Turner serves as an Instructional Developer with Mizzou Academy. He began his career with Mizzou Academy in 2016 as a Teaching Assistant. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a minor in Sociology from Columbia College, and a master’s degree in Educational Technology from the University of Missouri. Prior to starting his work with Mizzou Academy, Steven served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Camden County (MO) Sheriff’s Office for 13 years.

After starting graduate school and serving as a TA with Mizzou Academy, Steven knew that he wanted a career in the online education field. His most enjoyable moments with Mizzou Academy come in the form of troubleshooting and helping students and teachers with any issues that may arise.

Steven is happily married and is the father to two boys, who are his life. They enjoy playing youth-league sports, especially baseball, basketball, and soccer, and Steven passionately serves as coach for their teams.


  • B.A. Criminal Justice Administration
  • M.Ed. Educational Technology

Areas of Expertise

  • Working within and across multiple systems to test, resolve, improve the experience for end users
  • Collaborating with global team to develop, design, and implement course curriculum, materials, and assessments
  • Creating and adding interactive content to courses to enrich the learning experience
  • Providing Quality Assurance to developed courses and assessments
  • Redeveloping outdated courses and materials
  • Answering, responding, and resolving technical support tickets and issues across supported systems
  • Escalating or creating support tickets that need to go to the next tier of support
  • Communicating within various ticket systems to test, and resolve issues (student information system, various integrations such as proctoring and world language systems, learning management systems) escalated issues
  • Testing new features across supported and newly integrated systems
  • Collaborating with support services staff, development staff, and instructional staff on key areas of technological and operational support