Tony Castro

  • Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Director of Qualitative Inquiry

Antonio J. Castro is an associate professor of social studies education in the Department of Learning, Teaching & Curriculum. His research interests center on the preparation of teachers for culturally diverse contexts and urban schools, with specific attention to the teaching of critical multicultural citizenship, democratic teacher education, and teaching practices that foster equity and social justice. Prior to serving as a professor, Dr. Castro taught in urban schools and worked in a variety of outreach and educational programs for low-income and minority populations. He currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in diversity, social studies education, curriculum, teacher education, and qualitative research methods. He also conducts workshops for educators about diversity, civic practices, and teacher development in local area schools and here at the University of Missouri.


Areas of Expertise

  • Multicultural and democratic social studies education
  • Teacher recruitment, preparation, and induction for urban school
  • Multicultural teacher education