Yeji Kim

  • Assistant Professor

Yeji Kim received her Ph.D. in social studies education from Teachers College, Columbia University and currently works as an assistant professor of social studies education in the Department of Learning, Teaching & Curriculum. Her research centers on exploring positionalities, experiences, and teaching practices of recent migrant social studies teachers who work with transnational and multilingual students. Using narrative inquiry and qualitative research methods, she examines the ways migrant social studies teachers utilize their border-crossing experiences and multicultural and multilingual knowledge as intellectual resources and assets in their classrooms to promote culturally sustaining pedagogy within the continuum of students’ transnational life trajectories. She is also interested in exploring lived experiences and senses of belonging among children and youth with undocumented migrant backgrounds. Her scholarly work has appeared in journals, including Theory & Research in Social Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Critical Studies in Education, and British Journal of Educational Studies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Social studies and teacher education in transnational contexts
  • Citizenship education for migrant children and communities
  • Global citizenship and culturally relevant/sustaining pedagogies