SCI for High School

  • SCI is designed for teens, aged 14-18 with higher functioning Autism and those with similar social skill deficits. It is a wrap-around model to promote the development, maintenance and generalization of social skills and prosocial interactions through three primary components

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    SCI-High School teens, ages 14-18
  • Classroom – 20 hours of group-based lessons over an academic semester
  • School-wide – Concurrent system of training, communication of curricular concepts, and strategies across educational personnel to support the generalization of social skills across academic environments
  • Home and Community – Concurrent system of communication of curricular concepts and strategies for the family in order to support the generalization of social skills to home and community environments
  • The curriculum is designed to provide direct instruction, modeling, supported practice, and naturalistic practice to maximize student learning and to assist in skill acquisition and maintenance. Across five units, lessons and materials are systematically sequenced to scaffold the students’ learning. The lesson plans and materials are easily accessible and laid out for each lesson
  • Each lesson provides an opportunity for group-based learning with interactive opportunities to practice new skills, including:
    • Communicating Ideas
    • Conversation and Collaboration
    • Perspective Taking
    • Problem Solving
    • Interactions and Applications

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Included Materials:

  • 5 Unit Binders and corresponding lesson plans and materials
  • 1 Training Manual
  • 6 student folders
  • 1 large Curricular Tub to hold all the materials
  • 1 SCI-A Flash Drive with saved materials
  • 7 dry erase markers
  • 1 digital timer
  • 1 game piece bag (pawns, dice, sand timer)
  • 1 Jumbling Tower Game
  • 1 Tallest Tower Activity Kit