Dr. Kathryn Chval Named Permanent Dean

We are thrilled by this wonderful news! There is no doubt that Dr. Chval is a researcher and a leader. More than anything, though, she is a master teacher. She’s committed to the biggest educational issues of our times: diverse learners, English Language Learners, and mathematics. Kudos to MU for this significant achievement!

Dr. Peter Stiepleman
Superintendent, Columbia Public Schools

Dr. Chval is so deserving of this appointment! Her work in the community, combined with her dedication to the college to bridge the town and gown together, has been admirable!

Adrian Clifton
Mizzou Ed Graduate Student

Dr. Kathryn Chval’s appointment to be the permanent dean of the MU College of Education is good news for Missouri higher education. She has become a trusted adviser to the state commissioners of higher education and elementary and secondary education in the area of educator preparation. She is an accomplished researcher in mathematics education and a respected and transformative leader among her peers. Kathryn will challenge the next generation of aspiring student educators to be the best they can be as they commence their teaching careers.

David Russell, Ph.D. (ELPA, ’08)
Former Missouri Commissioner of Higher Education

I am impressed by the strong leadership provided by Dr. Chval. She is a solid scholar, a dedicated member of our faculty and has a clear vision of our College of Education’s role in contributing to our state and nation. She will make a significant contribution as Dean.

Former MU Chancellor Brady Deaton

Kathryn has a way of bringing everyone in the College together, creating the feeling of our being a family. I am delighted that she has been selected to serve as the next Dean of the College of Education. With her outstanding credentials, substantive experience, caring heart and creative approaches to teaching, research and service, she will lead the College to new heights.

Julie Middleton
Retired ELPA faculty member and interim First Lady

Kathryn Chval’s appointment as Dean of the College of Education is an excellent choice. The appointment assures the college of a continuation of the outstanding leadership of Dan Clay. This is great when the time for leadership is so important on campus. Kathryn knows the University and the College, thus no learning curve. MU is very lucky to have had Dr. Chval here in a very key role in the college and available to take over the deanship and hit the ground running.

Gary L. Smith
Outgoing President of the College of Education Advancement Board

Kathryn will do a great job as dean. She has strong academic credentials and proven leadership experience. She is also a passionate advocate for students.

Daniel L. Clay
Outgoing Dean of the College of Education

There are not many faculty, professional staff, graduate or undergraduate students, who have not been motivated or changed in some positive way by interactions with Dr. Chval. She is the busiest woman on the planet, yet makes each of us feel as though we are her only concern at the moment. Her ability to help each of us fulfill our potential is why she is such an effective leader.

Laurie Kingsley
Director of Teacher Education

Dr. Chval is the embodiment of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence. Her heart beats for students, professional staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the college. Because of the example she sets, we strive to be our best selves each time we step foot through Townsend Hall. When I imagine College of Education 10 years from now. . . 20 years from now. . . 50 years from now. . . I see a college made stronger because Dean Chval leads with her head and her heart.

Leigh Neier
Director, Elementary Education

Kathryn Chval is an exceptional scholar and administrator. I am delighted that MU has chosen someone of her high principles, commitment, and skills to lead the College of Education and to prepare the outstanding educators for the future!

Glenn E. Good
Dean and Professor, University of Florida

Congrats, Dean Chval! We’re lucky to have you at @Mizzou. https://t.co/zsVgk6pc0n

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Congrats, Dr. Chval!!! https://t.co/ZLui4EJ0n2

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Congrats, Dr. Chval!!! https://t.co/ZLui4EJ0n2

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We are thrilled that math education’s own @KathrynChval is the new Dean of @MizzouEducation.

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As a MizzouEd student, I am proud to officially call @KathrynChval , Dean! #powertheknowledge https://t.co/iUP5m3eF0t

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