This online program application is the main component of the MPER Early Career Scholars application process.

Please read all instructions below before starting your application. If you have any questions about the process, please email us at or call 573-882-3742.

When you log into the site for the first time, be sure to make note of your password for future access.

Here are some of the options that will assist in choosing the correct degree program so the correct application will populate:

Degree/Delivery: “Masters – Distance”
Academic Program: “Learning Teaching and Curriculum” or “Special Education” and the degree program that corresponds to your specific teaching position that contains the words “MPER Scholars-Distance” in the title
Expected Term of Entrance: “Fall 2023”
Attendance Status: “Part-time”

1. Transcript(s)

You are required to upload transcripts of all college coursework.

2. GRE Test Information

The GRE is not required for the MPER Early Career Scholars Program.

3. Resume

You are required to upload a recent resume. Your resume should include your pre-service/aiding site experience information as well as your student teaching site experience information in addition to other general items typically found on a resume.

4. Complete Personal Data Sheet Information

Follow the instructions for entering your personal information as requested.

5. Application Statement and Writing Pieces

Applicants are encouraged to write, revise and save short-answer responses in a separate word processing document so text may be copied and inserted into the official application or uploaded as a PDF document.

You are required to upload a document addressing each of the following prompt:

  • Application Statement – This statement should clarify your purpose and intentions for applying to the MPER Early Career Scholars Program. NOTE: If you are a beginning/first year teacher and know where you will be teaching for the upcoming year, please include as much information as possible about your contracted position (district, building, classroom, etc.) in this statement since it would not be included in your current resume. Limit your statement to 600 words.
  • Other Experiences – In a cohesive narrative, describe any work or life experiences that you believe make you an asset to the MPER Early Career Scholars Program (e.g., tutoring, camp counselor, relevant teaching experiences, innovative life or work experience, honors, distinctions, membership in professional organizations, scholarships, or volunteer work). Limit your statement to 500 words.
  • Knowledge and Practice – Throughout your undergraduate coursework, you have developed ideas about teaching and learning that have impacted your professional intentions and practice. Describe how your beliefs and learning will be reflected in your classroom practice. Your response should demonstrate how you will apply your beliefs and knowledge about areas such as: learners and learning, diversity, instruction, classroom management, assessment, and human learning theories. Use your undergraduate coursework, pre-service field experiences, student teaching, and other relevant experiences for inspiration and examples. Be descriptive and incorporate theory to substantiate your discussion. Limit your statement to 500 words.

6. MoCA or Praxis Exam Certification Score Report

You are required to upload a MoCA or Praxis Exam Certification Score Report. Your score report document must include actual numbered score(s). A document showing the word “Pass” will not be accepted. You may obtain your score report from ETS or Praxis. Sometimes, your scores may also show up on an unofficial transcript so check there as well.

7. Recommendations

You are required to add information for two recommenders (1. Mentor Teacher, Partner Teacher, or Faculty Member/Methods Instructor, and 2. for rising 2nd or 3rd year teachers the Principal/Administrator of your building or for rising 1st year teachers the Principal/Administrator from your student teaching site or someone with firsthand knowledge of your teaching experience). Each recommender will receive an email directly from the application system containing recommendation completion and submission instructions. This program requires confidential recommendations.

Online application