Computer Science for Educators (IS_LT 9470) is a 3-graduate credit course for K-12 Teachers that examines the practices and concepts central to computer science education at the secondary level. The course provides an introduction to computing systems, networks and the internet, data analysis, algorithms, programming, and the impacts of computing. The course also integrates instructional strategies, computational thinking practices and the big ideas included in AP Computer Science Principles Curriculum Framework. Upon completion of this course, teachers will be able to instruct their students on these same fundamental concepts and skills.

 “Computer Science for Educators” also provides content that meets and exceeds not only Missouri’s teaching standards, but also nationally-endorsed Computational Thinking and Computer Science teaching standards. Enrolled students will receive national-level content, with direct Missouri benefits, and the convenience of online learning.

Note: this course is typically offered during the eight-week summer session, which begins in early June.

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