The quotes and blog posts below provide a first-hand description of the teach-abroad experience, directly from our students.

Teach Abroad India, Shaina Vangilder, 2018

“India has opened my eyes to the huge world of different people and cultures that are out there. I have gained invaluable classroom experience as well as learned first-hand about the Indian education system.”

Shaina Vangilder, 2018

Teach Abroad India, Sydney Breedlove, 2018


“The diversity and experience aspects that I gained while on this program are in my opinion crucial for every aspiring teacher.”

Sydney Breedlove, 2018

Teach Abroad India, Marianna Mercer, 2018

“I’m finding that this process is preparing me for my future career as a teacher far more than anything else has.”

Marianna Mercer, 2018

“I have been very impressed so far with these teachers’ ability to think on their feet and feed off of their students’ energies rather than having rigid lesson plans.”

Brittany Wright, 2018

Teach Abroad India, Emilee Madlinger, 2017

“My teaching experience in Bangalore has been absolutely priceless. I could not have anticipated how much I was going to learn and take away from my time there.”

Emilee Madlinger, 2017

Teach Abroad India, Paula Britton, 2017

“I had NO idea that I would return home exhausted, and still more energized than ever imagined-to give my all to my school, my district, my classroom, but especially, my students.”

Paula Britton, 2017

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