Expand your worldview with experiences working in online and global teaching environments. 

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Mizzou Academy is a global school district housed in the University of Missouri’s College of Education. Through online, blended, and co-teach models, we serve 7,000+ students from over 40 different countries of origin.

Undergraduate Student Positions Available: Student Assistant, Teaching

Primary Purpose: provide warm, full, rubric-centered feedback on student work (middle and high school) 


10% Training and Professional Development

  • Complete initial orientation activities and ongoing professional development on teaching, communication, and online learning.

10% Communication

  • Work closely with Lead Instructors to manage student submissions and instructional processes.
  • Flag behavioral, academic integrity, and mental health concerns that appear in student work. 

80% Grading

  • Spend dedicated time grading in assigned subject area(s).
  • Give efficient and consistent scoring. 
  • Offer warm, constructive feedback to middle and high school students in our programs.


  • Student in excellent standing in the College of Education
  • Successfully completed LTC 2040 and/or acceptance into Phase 2
  • Interest in global and blended education 
  • Clear commitment to cultural responsiveness
  • Strong communication skills.

We are particularly interested in candidates with a background/interest in middle school education.

Schedule and Compensation

  • Initial compensation: $10/hr 
  • Flexible schedule 
  • 10 hours per week

To Apply

  • Send an updated resume and cover letter to Chevi’ White (whitecn@missouri.edu)
  • Subject Line: Student Position, Mizzou Academy

Graduate Student Positions Available: Middle School Subject Lead

In August 2020 Mizzou Academy released a new core middle school program and are now hiring middle school subject lead teachers in English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. 


The percentages are estimates. Depending on our changing school needs, these percentages may ebb and flow. Taking care of current students/courses and responding to your team are always top priorities. 

Grading and Management of Student Submissions 70% 

Primary purpose–provides efficient and constructive feedback to support students’ learning, and give feedback and monitor student work across the curriculum. 

  • Teach and grade courses in your department. • Grade during peak periods. 
  • Grade tricky assignments and resubmissions. 
  • Closely watch the numbers of submissions coming in each day. 
  • Work closely with all educational stakeholders including: students, families, learning centers, and schools. 
  • Monitor student submission comments and respond if appropriate. 
  • Rectify assignment particularities, quiz errors, and inconsistent scoring by team. 
  • Collaborate with the leadership team to solve plagiarism cases, address sensitive student issues, and support struggling students. 

Communication and Team Support 20% 

Primary purpose–represents Mizzou Academy and share content expertise and equip others to give excellent feedback to students. 

  • Answer course and division questions from educational stakeholders. 
  • Explain course content and Mizzou Academy processes. 
  • Report necessary information to division and admin teams. 
  • Share causes for celebration. Work closely with the team to keep morale up and note strengths. 
  • Represent Mizzou Academy as a thought/instructional leader for division. 
  • Take necessary steps to support your instructional team. 
  • Develop and refine grading notes for assignments. 
  • Continuously norm with your team. 
  • Work with Leads/Division Chairs who share instructional specialists across courses. 
  • Grade several submissions of an assignment and post samples for instructional specialists to model. 

Development 10% 

Primary purpose–have a strong voice in the iterative course development process. 

  • Collect feedback to guide course rewrites. 
  • Meet with the development team to share vision for course alignment and to give holistic feedback on learning in your division. 
  • Support the development team with small changes while courses are in progress (e.g. confusing test questions, confusing assignment descriptions, typos, etc.). 
  • Adjust courses as needed to ensure that our courses meet student needs. 

Professional Flexibility

We are a fast-moving, creative, vibrant organization. Often new projects arise. One of our professional 


  • FTE: 0.25 (10 hours/week) 

To apply

  • Send an updated resume and cover letter to Chevi’ White (whitecn@missouri.edu)
  • Subject Line: Student Position, Mizzou Academy