As global connections and cultural diversity becomes the norm, challenges abound regarding how we envision citizenship, diversity and social equity. Especially now, young people need strong social studies education — an education willing to tackling tough and relevant problems about how people ought to live and treat one another in the world.

Social studies education at the University of Missouri prides itself on serving at the forefront of these important discussions for future teachers, practicing teachers and scholars. Mizzou social studies values the development of the global citizen — a person who not only seeks to understand herself or himself but also recognizes the interconnectedness of people across communities and countries. The social studies program prepare its students with the skills necessary to engage youth and others in democratic activities that help improve lives and serve the common good.

Given this important civic mission, the social studies program strives for excellence and rigor in all of its programs. At the undergraduate level, our teacher-education program centers on culturally relevant and constructivist teaching practices as well as real teaching with real students as part of each methods course. At the graduate level, our students act as classroom leaders in their school districts. Finally, at the level of doctoral education, our students engage in cutting-edge research and scholarship. As societies shift and the demands on teachers and schools increase, Mizzou social studies offers students a solid foundation for this new and exciting world.


Degrees with an emphasis in social studies education: