Megan Lilien, Technology Innovator Award Recipient 2021

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Megan Lilien, Science, Health, and P.E. Division Chair at Mizzou Academy, was named the winner of the Technology Innovator Award by the Science Teachers of Missouri (STOM)

As an online and blended teacher, Megan Lilien has honed her skills in instructional design, teaching at a distance, and building relationships through technology-mediated methods. 

Lilien’s work helps expand access to the sciences and health education locally and internationally. Additionally, she served an important role in mitigating learning disruptions due to COVID. Below are five examples that speak to these commitments:

  • Local Impact—Middle School: She authored and supported middle school science classes that were licensed by public schools in Boone County. 
  • State Impact—Missouri: She instructed middle and high school students through the MOCAP program
  • Global Impact—Health Education: She supported international teachers as they transitioned from our blended co-teach health course to a fully-online model. 
  • Online Solutions—Independent Students: She taught and encouraged independent students who took her middle and high school science courses as an online learning solution. 
  • Expanding Access to Science Labs: She has been instrumental in reinvionsing lab kits that work in at-home environments and utilize everyday materials. This work has made science learning more accessible to larger populations across online and distance-learning populations. 

In addition to being a talented teacher and curriculum writer, Megan Lilien is also a lifelong learner. In the past five years she has expanded her certifications to related subjects such as Physical Education and is now in her first semester of doctoral coursework with the department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

In addition to inspiring young women to enter STEM fields, she also encourages them in sports by coaching girls’ lacrosse locally. Beloved by students and respected by colleagues, Megan Lilien exemplifies excellence in science education. Congratulations to her on this important recognition!