Mizzou Academy’s CoTeach program is designed for collaborative delivery with classroom teachers and Mizzou Academy instructors. CoTeach courses are designed by Mizzou Academy, which also provides feedback and awards grades. These courses include series in Language Arts, Speech and Debate, Social Studies, and Personal Development. Each inquiry-based course is designed to leverage the expertise and knowledge of classroom teachers who bring this curriculum to life with their students.

Each course in our CoTeach program emphasizes student engagement and ownership of content, scaffolded activities to teach concepts, and rich Classroom Teacher notes to plan and engage students in lessons.

  • 10 lessons
  • Inquiry-based curriculum
  • Class activities that support critical thinking, creativity, class discussion, collaboration, hands-on learning, writing development, and reflection
  • Assignments that allow students to showcase their growth and performance through a variety of response types
  • Midterm and final exams that assess student mastery of content
  • Performance-based or a combination of objective and performance-based exams
    • Capstone course does not use this assessment structure
  • Grading Scale: 50% exams, 40% assignments, 10% participation (assigned by Classroom Teachers)
  • Detailed teacher notes to help guide students through lesson exploration

Students in the CoTeach program have a supportive Mizzou Teacher who cares about their studies and a talented Classroom Teacher available at their school. The CoTeach program is a unique opportunity in global education that connects students with multiple instructors around the world who care about their learning and are cheering for their success.

High School CoTeach Courses

Mizzou Academy High School CoTeach Courses