Mizzou Academy High School courses offer students the flexibility to work at their own pace, receiving guidance and feedback on their progress.

A student may enroll part-time, taking just the courses they need, or enroll as a full-time diploma seeking student, choosing the path of study that fits them best.

Part-Time Enrollment

Students all over the world have chosen Mizzou Academy as the best choice to supplement with one or several convenient, flexible, and quality classes. Perfect for:

  • Credit acceleration – graduate sooner by taking more classes
  • Curriculum expansion – more options than a traditional school
  • Credit recovery – make up credits towards a graduation plan

Mizzou Academy offers over 200 self-paced or AP format courses, customizing learning for all, including athletes or working students. We offer core, elective, and advanced placement and honors courses in an accredited curriculum, including courses that are NCAA eligible. Find a course.

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Full-Time Diploma Programs

At Mizzou Academy, students choose where and when they learn, while customizing their individual plan of study. Graduates enjoy collegiate opportunities the world over and are assured an accredited, academic experience, all under a research-intensive university.

For full-time diploma programs, find the right path for you by exploring the Standard or College Prep High School Diploma Program options.

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