Partnership is a core value at Mizzou Academy. Inherent to our mission is a dedication to developing partnerships based on the unique needs, goals, and realities of each school, district, and consortium. Our partnerships are based on reciprocity, mutual understanding, and meeting the unique needs of students and local communities.

Mizzou Academy has two options for partnership.

  • Our affiliate program offers reciprocal learning opportunities for launching our Mizzou programs at new schools, learning centers, and districts. Affiliate relationships serve three primary purposes: (1) they can be a pathway to full partnership, (2) they can be used during launching years, and (3) they can help facilitate a specific short-term need.
  • Our partnerships represent longer-term established relationships with schools, organizations, learning centers, districts, and consortiums. Partners typically have large enrollments and multi-year plans with Mizzou Academy.

To learn more about our partnership expectations and values, please review our Partner Handbook.

Affiliates (hyperlinked to the correct information below)

  • Japan – World Arrows International School

Learn more about our partnerships in the following countries:

Mizzou Academy currently provides quality international education to 37 schools in 14 states in Brazil, supporting over 3,500 students and helping them broaden their educational possibilities. Mizzou Academy works together with MZ Educação, that provides on-site support all over the country, with an office in São Paulo – SP.

Mizzou Academy’s Dual Diploma Program integrates Brazilian and U.S. curriculum, preparing students for success in both college and career. Students earn two diplomas: a U.S. high school diploma from the University of Missouri and a Brazilian Ensino Médio diploma from their Brazilian school. The experience on the Mizzou Academy programs transforms these young people, who are ready to face higher education and the professional market with skills that make them stand out, wherever they may decide to go. If a student who graduates from the Dual Diploma program meets the requirements, they can have direct access to undergraduate programs with the University of Missouri.

Mizzou Academy also has programs that start in Kindergarten to 5th grade, going through the Middle School Program for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, until High School starting in 9th grade. Mizzou Academy works alongside with the Brazilian schools with native English-speaking mentors in Brazil working with the Mizzou teachers in a Co-Teach environment. Collaboration, creativity, leadership and critical thinking are only some of the many skills developed by our students who have the privilege of attending the programs.


Grand High School • Qingdao, China

Grand High School, Qingdao, China, International Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

Qingdao Grand High School was founded in 2002. Part of the Grand Education group, it is a full-time high school located completely within one of two campuses, the other campus being the primary years of education. In 2008, Grand became the first international partner school with the University of Missouri High School. Students in this dual diploma program earn both a Chinese and U.S. diploma during their high school experience.

Utilizing the University’s online high school curriculum, students enroll in regularly scheduled classes taught by local teachers. This blended classroom setting provides a unique immersion program in which students gain education in the course topics comparable with their U.S. peers, improve English language skills (as all coursework is in English), and are introduced to the U.S. classroom critical thinking learning processes. Together with Grand, Mizzou Academy has graduated hundreds of students in this dual diploma program, most of whom have gone on to universities around the world.

Escuela Mayatan • Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Escuela Mayatan • Copán Ruinas, Honduras,  International Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

Escuela Mayatan, the Mayatan Bilingual School was founded in 1991 by a group of parents who wanted their children to have the opportunity to receive a quality, bilingual education. At the time, the only option was to send students to the nearest city, three hours from Copán Ruinas. In 1998, Frank Hopkins and his wife visited Mayatan Bilingual School while touring Copán with a Road Scholar / Elderhostel group from the United States. They were both moved by the school’s mission and decided to return to Copán to volunteer, teach, and help expand the school. John Weber traveled from Missouri to Copán Ruinas in 2008 to teach science and math at Mayatan. Upon arriving, he tasked himself with developing Mayatan’s technical infrastructure and fulfilling the founders’ dream of offering high school classes. John oversaw the new technology and brought wireless internet to the campus, as well as classes from the University of Missouri High School. The first group of high school students earned dual diplomas from Mayatan and the University of Missouri High School in 2012. Enrollment has grown each year since then.

Guardian EDU • Seoul, Korea

Guardian EDU logo, Mizzou Academy partner

Guardian EDU is an international education consulting organization, located in Kansas City, MO, USA, with subsidiary offices in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.

Guardian EDU has specialized in the education of 6th to 12th-grade Korean students in the USA since 1999. Guardian EDU brings prospective students to the USA, placing them in renowned private schools, managing homestays, conducting academic college prep counseling, administering retained legal guardianship, and cares for them during their stay.

Peter Jang, Chief Representative of Guardian EDU, leads the organization. Peter is an MU alum who graduated in 1991 with an MBA from the Graduate School of Business (University of Missouri-Columbia).He has been an active Missouri alum contributing the growth of MU reputation in Korea and USA.

World Arrows International School

World Arrows International School aims to provide students with a completely new kind of education in Japan. We believe our partnership with Mizzou Academy from the University of Missouri will help us realize a new scheme for Japanese education.

We are open to any Asian students who speak English as their second language. We also serve a wide range of different students, not only children from Kindergarten to High school, but also adults and even seniors are learning in our school. Online education has made it possible to provide a good quality of education to any person who wishes to enhance their English proficiency skills. Furthermore, we offer a dual diploma course for high school students who wish to acquire two diplomas, one from the U.S. and another from Japan. We are open to applications from any nationality.

American International Studies

American International Studies is an American preparatory school that prepares children to go to the world’s best universities. American International Studies was founded based on the vision that children can learn anywhere, anytime, and gain a quality, world class education. They are founded by a team of educators who have graduated from the world’s best universities such as Harvard University in the United States, Tsinghua University in China, and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

American Alternative School • Bucharest, Romania

American Alternative School logo

American Alternative School (AmSchool) is an international partnership with a strong multicultural identity. The partnership with Mizzou Academy offers the opportunity to earn one of the Top 3 High School Internationally Accredited Diploma. The partnership with Success Academy Romania brings AmSchool the vast experience of working on a daily basis with Romanian children and teenagers and implementing a brand new modern and efficient teaching model.

American College in Spain • Andalucía, Spain

American College in Spain • Andalucía, Spain, International Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

The American College in Spain (ACS) is the first and only American institution in Andalucía currently offering a U.S. education.

Since 2013, when The American College in Spain was founded, its main goal has been to provide quality education to students in the community by offering several programs to fit their needs.

ACS first started by offering college bound students the possibility of obtaining an AA degree in Spain with its 2+2 program. As an international center of Broward College, (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.) ACS is authorized to deliver the Broward College associate degree in Spain. Students who join The American College in Spain will follow the same academic program as Broward College and can earn a bachelor’s degree by taking the first two years of lower division work at Broward College, and the last 2 years at a state or private university where they can complete their BA, BBA, or BSc degrees.

In 2015, ACS added a high school program for a small number of student athletes who required a U.S diploma. Recently, and due to the program growing, ACS has partnered with Mizzou Academy in order to provide students with a quality education that offers great opportunities with the advantage of learning in a personalized environment. With this collaboration, The American College in Spain increases its academic offer and the quality of its education.

Altın Eğitim • Ankara, Turkey

Altın Eğitim, Ankara, Turkey, International Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

Founded in 1989, Altın Eğitim Schools are located in Ankara, Turkey and have over 30 years experience in the education sector. The schools currently provide private education for students at kindergarten, primary school, middle school and Anatolian High School levels. In 2012, Altin Egitim founded the first and only private Anatolian Fine Arts High School in Ankara.

The schools are located in the Eryaman district of Ankara in two separate buildings, in close proximity to each other, as mandated by national regulations.

Considering the uniqueness of each student, Altın Eğitim has set up a system based on full learning as its basic philosophy, which customizes education according to the interests and abilities of each student. The schools’ priority is to provide an environment in which its students are happy, have continual support in their academic development and to raise them as “People of the World”.

With this collaboration between Mizzou Academy and Altın Eğitim Schools, students will use Mizzou Academy’s online high school curriculum to complete their U.S. diploma requirements. Enrollment in regularly scheduled Turkish classes to complete the Turkish National curriculum is required. This hybrid classroom setting provides a program in which students are educated in course topics comparable to American high school students, improves their English language skills (as all coursework is in English), and introduces students to critical thinking learning processes.

Students enrolled in the program will earn a dual diploma from both Turkey and the United States after all requirements are met. If all admissions requirements are met, students have the option of a direct matriculation pathway as undergraduate students at the University of Missouri.


Founded in 2014, PEMA Educational Institutions are located in the Selçuklu district in Konya, Turkey. Our main goal is to raise leaders of the future who have acquired the skills to become world citizens, are loyal to national and spiritual values, and learn by assimilating rather than memorizing. Our students are successful in studies in fields such as art, sports, and science, think freely and can express their thoughts clearly, and have foreign language skills effectively with a global vision. We realize this goal in a modern and fully equipped learning environment created by teachers who believe in the basic principles of educational sciences and have developed them into skills. With this aim, we try to carry our world, country, and Konya to the future and build the future.

As PEMA Educational Institutions, we have an eclectic educational philosophy. However, the primary purpose of education is to prepare students for life. Lessons are associated with real-life situations, and our students are enabled to learn by discovery. We ensure that students are active in their entire learning process and consider the individual differences of our students. At PEMA, we contribute to our student’s mental, physical, and spiritual development through in-class and out-of-class educational activities. By developing students’ intrinsic motivation, we provide them with the ability to manage and control their own learning processes and behaviors.

With the collaboration between PEMA Educational Institutions and Mizzou Academy, students enrolled in the program will earn a dual diploma from Turkey and the United States after all requirements are met.

IvyPrep • Vietnam

eQuest Education Group, Vietnam, International Partner, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

eQuest is one of the largest private educational organizations in Vietnam with more than 80,000 enrollments every year at nine (9) affiliated institutes, including various universities, colleges, high schools, junior highs, language centers and design academies. eQuest was founded on the principles of innovation, excellence, and dedication to enhance the status and quality of education in Vietnam.

Students who are enrolled in the University of Missouri’s Mizzou Academy High School Program (MU High) through eQuest will become international students of Mizzou, and will be provided with student ID number and student account to study with Mizzou Academy.eQuest is authorized by Mizzou Academy High School (MU High) to provide its program in Vietnam through eQuest subsidiaries including: IvyPrep Education and Ismart.  Students in Vietnam will have the options of learning for an accredited High School Diploma, or for a dual diploma between the University of Missouri’s Mizzou Academy and a Vietnam National High School Diploma with their local school.

Wellspring International School, nternational Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

Founded in 2011 Wellspring International School is located in Hanoi Vietnam. In partnership with us, they have been offering our Dual Diploma program since 2014. Students from Wellspring have also visited our Mizzou campus through Mizzou International Experience.

IvyPrep Education, International Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

IvyPrep Education is a member of the eQuest organization, providing an English education and training in Math and Science to students in Vietnam. IvyPrep Education is a pioneer in applying College-Preparatory Schools (CollegePrep), an educational model that focuses on preparing students for success in a college-based learning environment in the United States.  It is the Top 5 best academic English programs with over 15 years of experience and expertise.  100% of IvyPrep students attend top US and world schools after studying in a system of modern facilities, sophisticated and creative spaces with highly qualified and experienced teachers.

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas School (SNS) is a combined school from kindergarten to grade 12, partnered with prestigious schools in the US, to conduct the most complete and comprehensive American school programs for students. In addition to the mandated international programs consigned to them to implement, St. Nicholas School also provides students in grades 1 through 12 with an integrated program for students who choose to complete both the Vietnamese program, approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, and obtain certificates of core credits of the US high school curriculum. St. Nicholas School is the first, and only American school (In Vietnam) offering a full American curriculum consistently and continuously from kindergarten to high school.

Newton Grammar School, International Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

Newton Grammar School is a member of the eQuest organization, providing an English education and training in Math and Science to students in Vietnam.  Established in 2009, Newton Grammar School’s mission is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and life skills in order to thoroughly integrate into the international environment. The two campuses are equipped with international standard facilities including world-class stadiums, swimming pools, canteens, libraries, gymnasiums, laboratories and classrooms that fit well with students’ learning activities.

International Educational Groups

ILS Provida Futuri International Language and Computer School • Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, Serbia, Europe

ILS Provida Futuri International Language and Computer School, nternational Partnerships, Mizzou Academy, University of Missouri

Provida Futuri has been teaching students for the past 24 years. During that time, Provida Futuri has become an accredited center for testing and assessment for English language exams for LCCI (London Chambers of Commerce and Industries) as well as for the University of Perugia for Italian language.

They are also one of the co-founders of the HIPPO English Language competition. This successful event began in 2012 with the purpose of promoting the importance of English language knowledge and bringing together children from different countries.


The Hippo Olympiad “English Without Borders” is an international event which promotes English language, challenges students around the globe to compete in English language knowledge, and motivates the teachers to cooperate. The Olympiad encourages the development of a shared sense of identity and integration, serves as a role model for young people living together as one community. The main goal is to create and nourish friendly relations, international understanding and a spirit of healthy competition between young people interested in English language from all around the world.

The Olympiad is run in four stages: preliminary round, semi-final round, regional qualifiers and World Finals.

Provida Futuri representatives are included in the expert committee of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce foreign language section. Language studies offered by Provida Futuri are closely aligned with CEFR (Common European Framework), thus enabling its students to meet requirements for all European high schools as well as for all European universities. Having achieved B1 level of English, students have the opportunity to attain a U.S. high school diploma with the University of Missouri. Their path to a U.S. diploma is assisted by a network of tutors in the Balkans region.


IEDC, International Education Development Centre, was founded in 2017. We deliver internationally recognised and officially accredited qualifications and exams by Mizzou Academy High School, Pearson, Greenwich University, London Teacher Training College and Gatehouse Awards and organize Hippo International English Language Olympiad in Mongolia. 

Partnership with Mizzou Academy started from May 2021 in order to give students opportunities for a good quality education and the advantage of earning a dual diploma from the Mizzou Academy High School and their local school in Mongolia. 

Students will study Mizzou Academy High School curriculum online to complete their U.S diploma requirements. 




ITU ETA Doga Schools

With its original and innovative education models, İTU ETA Foundation Doğa College is an institution that always pursues the highest achievements in education. Having joined the education sector in 2002, İTÜ ETA Foundation Doğa College became a leader in education in Turkey in a short time.

With the reliance taken from İstanbul Technical University (İTU)’s 240 years of academic experience, İTU ETA Foundation Doğa College strives to raise bright generations that promote creativity and innovation with its high standards and service quality. With its 92 campuses, it is the biggest school chain in Turkey. It is headquartered in İstanbul. Mizzou Academy U.S Diploma Program is implemented at İTU ETA FOUNDATION ALANYA, ANTALYA, KONYA and AYDIN campuses.