Mizzou Academy offers many different solutions to meet a diversity of student needs.

Depending on the student’s educational goals, the application process and requirements vary slightly. It is recommended that you review the entire process before you begin:

Students all over the world have chosen Mizzou Academy as the best choice to supplement with one or several convenient, flexible and quality classes. Perfect for:

  • Credit acceleration – graduate sooner by taking more classes
  • Curriculum expansion – more options than traditional school
  • Credit recovery – make up credits towards a graduation plan

Mizzou Academy offers over 200 flexible or standard format courses, customizing learning for all, including athletes or working students. We offer core, elective and advanced placement and honors courses in an accredited curriculum, including courses that are NCAA eligible.

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The Standard and College-Prep High School Diploma programs offer students an individualized high school experience.

  • Fully online, flexible environment to learn anytime, anywhere or working with local tutors and schools to provide a blended experience
  • A diploma from an accredited high school within the University of Missouri’s high ranking College of Education
  • Access to student support services, a library of academic resources, and an award-winning curriculum
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the graduation ceremony and join student organizations

Effective July 1, 2024, students admitted to the University of Missouri High School diploma program must complete at least 6 credits (12 courses) through Mizzou Academy.

Because many students who enter the University of Missouri High School diploma program transfer credit from other schools, the courses below should be used as suggested schedules only. Students accepted into the diploma program will work with a University of Missouri High School counselor to develop their own course plan. Indication of successful achievement will appear on both the diploma and student transcripts.

Mizzou Academy is an accredited school that follows the graduation requirements set forth by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Cognia. In order to earn a high school diploma with the University of Missouri High School, students must complete at least 24 credits in the subject areas listed below. Of those 24 credits, at least 6 (12 courses) must be earned through the University of Missouri High School.

  • College Prep. Our College Prep path has additional requirements as referenced below.
  • Partnership. As always, partnership is one of our core values. Our administrative and support teams are available to discuss what these requirements mean in international or other contexts.
  • All credits are expressed in Carnegie Credits. Courses transferred from other schools will be converted based on instructional hours and level of curriculum studied.
  • University of Missouri High School courses are equivalent to semester courses and equal to 0.5 credits
  • Practical Arts category includes courses in agriculture, business, family & consumer sciences, and industrial technology.
SUBJECT Standard High School Diploma Program College-Prep High School Diploma Program
English / Language Arts 4 credits 4 credits (2+ Emphasis on composition or writing skills)
Math 3 credits 4 credits (Algebra 1 or higher)
Science 3 credits 3 credits (1+ laboratory course)
Social Studies * 3 credits 3 credits
Fine Arts 1 credit 1 credit
Practical Arts 1 credit 1 credit
Physical Education 1 credit 1 credit
Health 0.5 credits 0.5 credits
World Languages ** 0 credits 2 credits **
Electives 7.5 credits 5.5 credits
Total Units Required 24 credits 25 credits
Tests Required for Diploma *** Missouri State Exam Missouri State Exam

* United States History A & B is required. 

** As most colleges and universities require 2 credits of the same world language that is not the student’s native language on the high school transcript, Mizzou Academy follows this standard when creating graduation plans for college‐bound students.

*** The State of Missouri requires that students pass a Missouri State Exam in order to meet core competency skill requirements in history. Successful completion of U.S. Government will meet this state requirement.

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