Families are essential learning partners. Below are a few notes on how you can help facilitate learning at home through Mizzou Academy.

Model Positivity

Learning requires a sense of adventure — an openness to move outside of our comfort zones and to press toward achievement. Learning in this new environment requires even more flexibility and intention. The more you can model a positive perspective, encourage students toward a growth mindset, and support flexibility as they encounter unfamiliar situations, the better. Your perspective is often contagious and can set the tone for learning in your home. 


If possible, we recommend establishing a set place in your home for online learning. This might be a kitchen table, small desk, or another area in the home that your child comes to associate with online learning. Please keep school materials nearby, including the iPad, Chromebook, or another device your child will use to access video classes, notebook/paper, pencils, headphones, etc. Having a consistent routine and procedure for managing materials helps facilitate learning.  


Students will likely need support to get started to ensure they know how to log in for video conference classes and also to access Schoology and other platforms that will be used. Spend time in advance practicing using the video platform so that your students are comfortable using the tools. Then, during the first several meetings of class, try to have a family member nearby for support. 


Look for emails and communication from Mizzou Academy teachers. These messages include important information about expectations, activities, and learning. Students are always welcome and encouraged to contact their Mizzou Academy instructors directly with any course questions. You are also always welcome to contact our Support Services team with any questions. We are here to help! 


Your encouragement matters. Please encourage students through their coursework, help with any questions they may have, and stay positive about the learning process. Asking what your child is learning and helping them to make connections between their Mizzou Academy lessons and other experiences in your own life, the world, or texts you may have read together helps solidify content and cultivate lifelong learning.

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