Expand your horizons – learn a world language with Mizzou Academy!

Welcome! We are so happy you have decided to embark on or continue your world language learning journey with Mizzou Academy. There are over 7,000 languages spoken globally. This means you have almost endless potential to learn new languages and make new connections. We’ve found the more you learn about languages, culture, and the world, the distance between people and place becomes smaller.

Learning another language is far more than gaining a few new phrases. A world language learner is someone who is studying a language beyond their home language. Truly studying language means learning about both communication and culture. As you learn new languages, you will be able to communicate with more people, build bridges, understand nuance in culture and literature, and be a more mobile global citizen.

Global citizenship is the idea that all human beings are interconnected as members of a world community who share space, experience, and common bonds. At Mizzou Academy, we have students from over 40 different countries of origin. We commend you on your interest in world languages,  and we would be thrilled to count you among our global learning community.

Benefits of learning a world language: Employability 88% of job recruiters say speaking more than one language is critical to business success College Success High school students who study languages do better academically in college Brain Growth Learning a language at any age makes your brain grow Higher Test Scores Bilingual students do better on standardized tests in math, reading and vocabulary Higher Earnings Additional lifetime earnings of a bilingual worker can be as much as $128,000
Benefits of world languages created with information from MLA.org, 2020

Language Options

  • Arabic 
  • Chinese
  • Dutch 
  • Filipino 
  • French 
  • German
  • Greek 
  • Hebrew 
  • Hindi 
  • Irish 
  • Italian 
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Persian (Farsi)
  • Polish 
  • Portuguese 
  • Russian 
  • Spanish 
  • Swedish 
  • Turkish 
  • Vietnamese

Our World Language courses begin the first of each month.

Prerequisites: Our World Language courses must be taken in sequential order. For example, you must take Spanish 1A before proceeding to Spanish 1B. If you are unsure of which level to enroll in, please work with our counselor to review transfer credits and other factors that might influence which course you take.

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Options with Live Tutoring Sessions

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • English (American)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

  • Japanese
  • Spanish (Latin America)

Partnership with Rosetta Stone Education

Through an exciting partnership with Rosetta Stone Education, we are able to offer 21 World Languages with the following features:

  • Immersive environment: Students will spend all their time on the course immersed in the target language, so they will get used to interacting within the focus language and using it. Students  acquire the structures by modeling real communicative situations.
  • Self-paced courses: Mizzou Academy suggests a weekly course load to finish in 20 weeks, but students can tweak this schedule to fit their own pace and schedule and finish earlier.
  • Scaffolding: Our content is structured in a way that what students learn, prepares them for the next lesson. Progress is built on solid ground.
  • Practice: Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition tool enables students to practice their pronunciation in a stress-free context. In some of our courses, students also have the opportunity to interact with native speaking tutors.
  • Mobile-friendly: Students can either work on a laptop or desktop, and also through a mobile app. 
  • Trusted approach: Mizzou Academy and Rosetta Stone Education have been used by thousands of learners around the world as a trusted resource to expand and deepen language learning.

Latin Studies

In addition to the World Languages options above, we also offer four levels of Latin. These courses were developed in-house by our talented faculty. 

Studying Latin is a meaningful scholarly pursuit. Below are four highlights among many more to study Latin.

  • Latin is a rich, layered language that can be a joy to study.
  • Latin helps improve English vocabulary and comprehension, as close to 2/3 of English words are derived from Latin.
  • Scholars in medicine, law, and the sciences have all cited benefits to studying Latin.
  • Latin undergirds the Romance languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.


 : AP  |    : NCAA Approved

World Languages

American English 1A 
American English 1B 
American English 2A 
American English 2B 
American English 3A 
American English 3B 
American English 4A 
American English 4B 
Arabic 1A 
Arabic 1B 
Arabic 2A 
Arabic 2B 
Dutch 1A 
Dutch 1B 
Dutch 2A 
Dutch 2B 
Filipino 1A 
Filipino 1B 
Filipino 2A 
Filipino 2B 
French 1A 
French 1B 
French 2A 
French 2B 
French 3A 
French 3B 
French 4A 
French 4B 
German 1A 
German 1B 
German 2A 
German 2B 
German 3A 
German 3B 
German 4A 
German 4B 
Greek 1A 
Greek 1B 
Greek 2A 
Greek 2B 
Hebrew 1A 
Hebrew 1B 
Hebrew 2A 
Hebrew 2B 
Hindi 1A 
Hindi 1B 
Hindi 2A 
Hindi 2B 
Irish 1A 
Irish 1B 
Irish 2A 
Irish 2B 
Italian 1A 
Italian 1B 
Italian 2A 
Italian 2B 
Italian 3A 
Italian 3B 
Italian 4A 
Italian 4B 
Japanese 1A 
Japanese 1B 
Japanese 2A 
Japanese 2B 
Korean 1A 
Korean 1B 
Korean 2A 
Korean 2B 
Latin 1A 
Latin 1B 
Latin 2A 
Latin 2B 
Mandarin Chinese 1A 
Mandarin Chinese 1B 
Mandarin Chinese 2A 
Mandarin Chinese 2B 
Mandarin Chinese 3A 
Mandarin Chinese 3B 
Mandarin Chinese 4A 
Mandarin Chinese 4B 
Persian 1A 
Persian 1B 
Persian 2A 
Persian 2B 
Polish 1A 
Polish 1B 
Polish 2A 
Polish 2B 
Portuguese 1A 
Portuguese 1B 
Portuguese 2A 
Portuguese 2B 
Russian 1A 
Russian 1B 
Russian 2A 
Russian 2B 
Russian 3A 
Russian 3B 
Russian 4A 
Russian 4B 
Spanish 1A 
Spanish 1B 
Spanish 2A 
Spanish 2B 
Spanish 3A 
Spanish 3B 
Spanish 4A 
Spanish 4B 
Swedish 1A 
Swedish 1B 
Swedish 2A 
Swedish 2B 
Turkish 1A 
Turkish 1B 
Turkish 2A 
Turkish 2B 
Vietnamese 1A 
Vietnamese 1B 
Vietnamese 2A 
Vietnamese 2B