We are Local. 

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School Profile

We have deep local roots. We have been providing credit for K-12 courses since 1913. In 2011, we joined the University of Missouri College of Education & Human Development. We are one of the only online/blended schools in the U.S housed within a College of Education & Human Development and are proud to partner with cutting-edge professors, researchers, and scholars in education. 

We partner with the DESE (the state department of Education) to serve students and schools through MOCAP, Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program

We are launching district partnerships, across the state, and are excited to serve Columbia Public Schools students in the 2020-2021 school year

We are Global.

Mizzou Academy Global Impact Map, College of Education, University of Missouri, photo of Truman the Tiger with his hand in the air, pointing, map of world with countries in varying shades of blue, indicating Mizzou Academy students, 50 U.S. States, 8,000+ Students, 40+ Countries worldwide

We serve students from 40+ countries. Read more about our international partnerships here. We offer World Language courses in 22 different languages. We value local context and view the cultural and linguistic diversity of our students body as one of our greatest strengths.

We are Global.

We strive for culturally responsive curriculum and practices that honor the interconnected nature of people, cultures, and communities. Across our programs, we foster global awareness, cultural competence, and student leadership.

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