A transcript is a record of the courses and the grades that a student earns. Courses that are currently in progress will be reflected on the transcript. Mizzou Academy requires proper authorization to release student transcripts. The Transcript Request Form is required to release transcripts to 3rd parties.

Official vs. Unofficial Defined

An unofficial transcript is adequate for personal reasons, initial applications for enrollment or insurance purposes.

  • A complimentary unofficial electronic copy can be obtained by the student or parent/guardian by logging into the Tiger Portal. Use the “Contact School” option on the left side menu bar, as this will validate your request for an unofficial transcript.

An official transcript documents the student’s educational status to institutions, schools and other organizations.  If a transcript is needed to serve as evidence of your educational status to others, an official transcript will most likely be required. Please see the Transcript Request Form.

Transcript Requests

Mizzou Academy does not issue transcripts automatically. Please submit the Transcript Request Form by emailing, faxing or mailing the completed form to our Student Support Services. A written signature is required (the parent/guardian signature is required for students under 18). If there are more than two recipients, please complete a separate form or attach a sheet listing the corresponding information. Each copy requested (electronic or paper) will incur a processing fee (see Transcript Processing Fees below). 

  • Electronic Transcripts: Emailed or faxed transcripts may be considered official or unofficial depending on the recipient’s policies. Transcripts will be sent by the method indicated on the request form (electronic vs USPS/Air Mail). Electronic transcripts are received much quicker than paper copies due to mail delivery times, but not all schools will accept them as an official copy. Students and families should verify the recipient institution’s electronic transcript policy before requesting transcripts from Mizzou Academy to avoid additional fees. 
    • All electronic copies (faxed or emailed) sent to the student or family will be sent as unofficial.
  • Paper Transcripts: Expedited Shipping is available. Please contact our Student Support Services for pricing (mizzouacademy@missouri.edu).
Submit Transcript request forms to:
Fax:(573) 884-9665
Mailing address:Mizzou Academy
Attn:  Transcript Requests
303 Townsend Hall
Columbia,  MO 65211-4390 

Transcript Processing Time

Mizzou Academy enrollments must be completed before credit earned is documented on transcripts. Please see Completion Policy. 

Mizzou Academy strives to process official transcript requests within 7 days of receiving the authorized request and payment (if applicable, see Transcript Processing Fees below). Transcript requests are processed in the order they are received. Processing notifications are emailed when each request is received and when processing is completed. Shipping time is not included in processing time.

Transcript Processing Fees

Mizzou Academy processes the first transcript request per student, per school year (July-June), for free!

 Subsequent requests will incur a processing fee:

  • $10 per domestic destinations (USPS Mail, fax, or email)
  • $15 per international destinations (USPS Air Mail, fax, or email)
  • Expedited Shipping for the paper copy is available – please contact our Student Support Services for pricing (mizzouacademy@missouri.edu).
  • Apostille Sealing of documents is available upon request. Please indicate in writing if this additional process is required.  You will be contacted with steps and details needed to fulfill this step.  Additional fees will be outlined for each Apostille Sealed document. The Apostille Sealing process will add 2 weeks (at minimum) to the processing time.

All transcript processing fees will be placed on the student’s Tiger Portal account for online payment. Checks may be included with request forms mailed to the address above and will be applied to the student’s Tiger Portal account at the time of receipt.

Disclaimer: Request forms with inaccurate information may result in processing delays or affect the acceptance at the recipient’s location. Mizzou Academy will not be held responsible for errors or delays incurred by inaccurate information on the request form.