At Mizzou Academy, we support schools and partners in cultivating highly dynamic and effective learning experiences. Our strong and cohesive programs put students at the center of the inquiry process and draw on content that is relevant to our 21st-century world. Across our courses, you can expect research-based activities and approaches and innovative curricular materials. We would love to visit with you about how any of our Mizzou Academy programs fit your unique school or district needs.

NEW for 2022 – Domestic Group Discount Program

If you are a school in the United States with an interest in taking 15 or more enrollments with Mizzou Academy next year, we encourage you to submit an application for our new Domestic Group Discount program. We look forward to reviewing applications and offering annual discounts for qualifying group enrollments.

Mizzou Academy is proud to partner with schools to expand access to course and delivery options. Schools frequently come to us to partner in offering these options to students: 

  • World Language Lab
  • Advanced and accelerated coursework 
  • Flexible scheduling for students with medical or other needs
  • Expanded elective opportunities 

If you have other ideas for ways to work together, we want to hear about them! If you are ready to submit an application for a Domestic Group Discount program, please complete this application. Our team will review all applications and be in touch soon with next steps. If you have any questions or are an international school interested in our international partnerships and affiliate programs, please reach out to us at

Programs & Solutions

With 200+ courses, innovative co-teaching partnerships, and options for elementary through high school learners, Mizzou Academy provides outstanding solutions to meet the diverse needs of students, schools, and districts.

Learn more about the different programs and solutions we offer for schools and families.

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Licensed Curriculum

Mizzou Academy offers the opportunity for school districts to license curriculum in Grades K-8. By licensing curriculum from Mizzou Academy, your school district receives access to excellent courses and lessons developed in-house at the University of Missouri College of Education. Our elementary and middle school programs include resources and ongoing support for teachers to implement and adapt within the context of their schools. At Mizzou Academy, we believe in the power of public schools and have created these programs to partner meaningfully with school districts. In our licensed partnerships, students remain district students, teachers remain district teachers, and everyone is supported and encouraged along the way. Contact us today to get started!


Information for Proctors

The Information for Proctors page includes eligibility requirements, registration procedures, processes, and guidelines for administering exams.

Learning Library

Our open-access Learning Library was designed by our own curriculum team. This site includes a rich library of modules on key topics for student success and wellbeing. This is a living library, meaning we continue to add resources to it as the need or request arises from students or partner schools.

Student Handbook

The Mizzou Academy student handbook shares important information on our school values, expectations, and processes. Access the handbook here and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are glad you are here!

Counselor FAQ

Visit the Counselor FAQ page for answers to questions such as how to check a student’s progress and how to process AP courses.

Courseware Marketplace

If you are seeking to customize instructional methods for online instruction or enroll students in courses that might not otherwise be possible, we can help. Learn more about our Courseware Marketplace.


For information on accessing final grades, click here.


Partnership is a core value at Mizzou Academy. Inherent to our mission is a dedication to developing partnerships based on the unique needs, goals, and realities of each school, district, and consortium. Our partnerships are based on reciprocity, mutual understanding, and meeting the unique needs of students and local communities. Learn more about our partnerships.