Important Information To Know

  • The last day to begin a course for the 2023-2024 school year is May 31, 2024. 
  • During June and July, students may continue working on their current courses and register for courses for the 2024-2025 school year, which opens August 1, 2024. 
  • Summer Intersession is July 1-15, 2024. During intersession, Canvas is still available to students; however, school is not in session, and our offices are closed. Faculty and staff will respond to questions, and proctoring and transcript delivery will resume on July 16, 2024. 

If you have extenuating circumstances and need to complete summer coursework outside of this calendar, please contact our Support Services team for assistance.

Mizzou Academy offers a variety of high-quality course options to choose from. Explore the options below or contact us for more information.

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High School Courses

Mizzou Academy English Language Arts courses, photo of book open with letters emanating from it
Mizzou Academy Fine Arts Course, photo of wood desk with art supplies
Health and Physical Education Courses, Mizzou Academy, photo of hands holding bowl of fruit and vegetables with tennis shoes and weights in the background
Mizzou Academy Mathematics courses, graphic of colorful math equations in background
Mizzou Academy Practical Arts/Personal Development Courses, photo of red ladder and blue sky with white male hand on ladder rung
Mizzou Academy Science Courses, blue periodic table of elements in background
Mizzou Academy social studies courses, world map with texture in background
Mizzou Academy World Languages courses, globe with pen on desk in background
Mizzou Academy AP Courses, photo of woman tapping screen with graduation cap icon and tablet
Mizzou Academy NCAA approved courses, astroturf background with various sports balls and equipment
Mizzou Academy MOCAP Approved Courses, photo of African American man holding pen and writing in notebook with laptop open

The Algebra II book requirement is here:

All High School Courses

English Language Arts

6th Grade English A 
6th Grade English B 
7th Grade English A 
7th Grade English B 
8th Grade English A 
8th Grade English B 
AP English Language & Composition, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
AP English Literature & Composition, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
Creative Writing NCAA Approved Course
Critical Thinking and Study Skills 
English 10A NCAA Approved Course
English 10B NCAA Approved Course
English 11A NCAA Approved Course
English 11B NCAA Approved Course
English 12A NCAA Approved Course
English 12B NCAA Approved Course
English 9A NCAA Approved Course
English 9B NCAA Approved Course
Information Literacy 
Speech 1 NCAA Approved Course

Fine Arts

Art 1 
Art Appreciation 
Music Appreciation 

Health and Physical Education

Fitness for Well-Being 


6th Grade Math A 
6th Grade Math B 
7th Grade Math A 
7th Grade Math B 
8th Grade Math A 
8th Grade Math B 
AP Calculus AB, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
AP Statistics, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
Algebra 1A NCAA Approved Course
Algebra 1B NCAA Approved Course
Algebra 2A NCAA Approved Course
Algebra 2B NCAA Approved Course
Business Math 
Calculus, First Half Unit 
Calculus, Second Half Unit 
Geometry A NCAA Approved Course
Geometry B NCAA Approved Course
Pre-Algebra, First Half Unit 
Pre-Algebra, Second Half Unit 
Precalculus, First Half Unit NCAA Approved Course
Precalculus, Second Half Unit NCAA Approved Course
Statistics NCAA Approved Course

Practical Arts/Personal Development

AP Computer Science, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
Career Planning 
Computing Literacy 
Food & Nutrition 
Introduction to Programming 
Personal Development and Character Education 
Personal Finance 


6th Grade Science A 
6th Grade Science B 
7th Grade Science A 
7th Grade Science B 
8th Grade Science A 
8th Grade Science B 
Biology A NCAA Approved Course
Biology B NCAA Approved Course
Chemistry A NCAA Approved Course
Chemistry B NCAA Approved Course
Earth Science A 
Earth Science B 
Physical Science A NCAA Approved Course
Physical Science B NCAA Approved Course
Physics A NCAA Approved Course
Physics B NCAA Approved Course

Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies A 
6th Grade Social Studies B 
7th Grade Social Studies A 
7th Grade Social Studies B 
8th Grade Social Studies A 
8th Grade Social Studies B 
AP Comparative Politics, One Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
AP European History, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
AP Psychology, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
AP U.S. Government, One Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
AP U.S. History, First Semester AP Course NCAA Approved Course
Economics NCAA Approved Course
Missouri State Exam 
Psychology NCAA Approved Course
Sociology NCAA Approved Course
U.S. Government NCAA Approved Course
U.S. History A NCAA Approved Course
U.S. History B NCAA Approved Course
World Geography A NCAA Approved Course
World Geography B NCAA Approved Course
World History A NCAA Approved Course
World History B NCAA Approved Course
World Religions NCAA Approved Course

World Languages

American English 1A 
American English 1B 
American English 2A 
American English 2B 
American English 3A 
American English 3B 
American English 4A 
American English 4B 
Arabic 1A 
Arabic 1B 
Arabic 2A 
Arabic 2B 
Dutch 1A 
Dutch 1B 
Dutch 2A 
Dutch 2B 
Filipino 1A 
Filipino 1B 
Filipino 2A 
Filipino 2B 
French 1A 
French 1B 
French 2A 
French 2B 
French 3A 
French 3B 
French 4A 
French 4B 
German 1A 
German 1B 
German 2A 
German 2B 
German 3A 
German 3B 
German 4A 
German 4B 
Greek 1A 
Greek 1B 
Greek 2A 
Greek 2B 
Hebrew 1A 
Hebrew 1B 
Hebrew 2A 
Hebrew 2B 
Hindi 1A 
Hindi 1B 
Hindi 2A 
Hindi 2B 
Irish 1A 
Irish 1B 
Irish 2A 
Irish 2B 
Italian 1A 
Italian 1B 
Italian 2A 
Italian 2B 
Italian 3A 
Italian 3B 
Italian 4A 
Italian 4B 
Japanese 1A 
Japanese 1B 
Japanese 2A 
Japanese 2B 
Korean 1A 
Korean 1B 
Korean 2A 
Korean 2B 
Latin 1A NCAA Approved Course
Latin 1B NCAA Approved Course
Latin 2A NCAA Approved Course
Latin 2B NCAA Approved Course
Mandarin Chinese 1A 
Mandarin Chinese 1B 
Mandarin Chinese 2A 
Mandarin Chinese 2B 
Mandarin Chinese 3A 
Mandarin Chinese 3B 
Mandarin Chinese 4A 
Mandarin Chinese 4B 
Persian 1A 
Persian 1B 
Persian 2A 
Persian 2B 
Polish 1A 
Polish 1B 
Polish 2A 
Polish 2B 
Portuguese 1A 
Portuguese 1B 
Portuguese 2A 
Portuguese 2B 
Russian 1A 
Russian 1B 
Russian 2A 
Russian 2B 
Russian 3A 
Russian 3B 
Russian 4A 
Russian 4B 
Spanish 1A 
Spanish 1B 
Spanish 2A 
Spanish 2B 
Spanish 3A 
Spanish 3B 
Spanish 4A 
Spanish 4B 
Swedish 1A 
Swedish 1B 
Swedish 2A 
Swedish 2B 
Turkish 1A 
Turkish 1B 
Turkish 2A 
Turkish 2B 
Vietnamese 1A 
Vietnamese 1B 
Vietnamese 2A 
Vietnamese 2B