From the Online Classroom to the Ice Rink – Student Feature, Ava Fleury

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Through videos, projects, papers, and speeches, our faculty delight in learning about the passions and talents of our global student population. Making these connections whether through sports, art, or service is at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning. In this student feature, we highlight the work of University of Missouri High School scholar, Ava Fleury.

Ava Fleury
Ava Fleury

When Greg Soden, our Lead Speech and Debate Teacher came across Ava Fleury’s recent assignment in the Mizzou Academy Introduction to Speech course he was so impressed that he shared it with several faculty members. This assignment asks scholars to demonstrate a skill of their choice. Ava produced a fantastic video confidently outlining figure skating basics for a lay audience.  

Sport can be a powerful classroom, and the classroom, a powerful coach. So many of the important lessons we learn are transferable—they take us from the course to the field, from the textbook to the community, and even from an assignment to a triumph.

As Ava Fleury says, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Whether that difficulty lies in a figure skating element or a school assignment, I recognize it as an opportunity to improve and become a better athlete, student, and person.” 

Ava, who lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, is clearly at home on the ice. An accomplished figure skater and recent United States gold medalist for “moves in the field,”  she follows in a long tradition of competitive and professional athletes who find that Mizzou Academy gives them the rigor required to learn at high levels and the flexibility they need for their sport. Our student population includes accomplished equestrian athletes, hockey players, and swimmers, among others. Current and recent Mizzou Academy figure skaters include Olympian Gracie Gold who earned a bronze medal for Team U.S.A  in the 2014 Olympics, Emma Ambler who was just named a 2021 Get Up Ambassador, and Will Fleury—Ava’s brother. 

Ava has enjoyed learning at Mizzou Academy. “Each assignment provides an opportunity for growth. Mizzou Academy truly is a fantastic program, and it has given me an excellent high school experience!” After high school, she hopes to attend the University of Missouri. All along the way, we will be cheering for her!