Two Seasons, Four Superstars, One Special Award

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At Mizzou Academy, one of our commitments is to cultivate a culture of celebration and appreciation. Our quarterly Honor Awards are one of the ways we foster recognition for faculty and staff.  In addition to recognizing the ways members of our team operationalize our mission and values, these awards are an important opportunity to say thank you. 

All members of our Mizzou Academy community are eligible for these peer-nominated Honor Awards. Our recent summer and fall nominees and recipients include both teachers and support staff. They exemplify the best in student and team support. Learn more about these professionals below.

Summer 2023 Recognitions for Tanya Jarvis and Jessie Arnold 

Tanya Jarvis serves as our Student Support Coordinator. She has been with Mizzou Academy since 2016. One of her nominations wrote that “Tanya is known as a leader, a coach, and a champion for our students and their families.” Additional nominations commented on her leadership in proctoring, her compassion, and her care. “Tanya has a real heart for students,” wrote one of the people who nominated her, “and I appreciate the way she treats proctoring as a way for students to show us what they learned—all the while with kindness and grace towards our students. She is always there when problems or questions arise, being able to fix them quickly, efficiently, knowledgeably, and kindly.” 

Our 2023 summer Honor Award recipient is Jessie Arnold!  She serves as an instructional specialist on our English team and has been with Mizzou Academy since 2018. Her first nomination summed up the reasons for this award nicely:

“Here are four reasons Jessie Arnold is a superstar: 

  1. Her competence is supreme. 
  2. She is always willing to help.
  3. She is always learning. 
  4. She is a gentle, careful grader.”

Other nominations focused on the ways Jessie consistently places students first and is for the team. In closing, one nomination noted, “Jessie is a force for good at Mizzou Academy. As a coach, as a full-time teacher, and a specialist for us, Jessie has dedicated herself to supporting young people. The communities she touches are all better for her care and contributions.” 

Fall 2023 Honor Award Recognitions for Ana Cristina Nikolau and Roger Bergman

Ana Cristina Nikolau serves as Coordinator of Brazil Operations in our Brazil Office. She has held a courtesy appointment with the university since 2021. One of Ana’s nominations wrote that Ana “works with quiet persistence, making things get done with quality and attention, whether it is during a major international conference or a regular Tuesday at the office.” Ana’s nominations also celebrated her “kindness, patience, smarts, and reasoning.” In closing, one nomination wrote, “She leads with compassion and excellence. When I think about the traits I want our students to develop, Ana is a role model in all of them.”

Our 2023 fall Honor Award recipient is Roger Bergman! Roger serves as a specialist on our science team. He has been with Mizzou Academy since 2011.  

Roger’s first nomination called him “an exemplary educator and one of the reasons why Mizzou Academy is such a great school!” Nominations commented on Roger’s patience and commitment to student support. Several also commented on his “broad impact. Not only does he make a difference for Mizzou Academy, he also presents frequently to regional and national conferences.” In closing, one nomination said, “Roger shows his commitment to Mizzou Academy through his many years of dedicated service and his expertise in science. He offers helpful hints to his students to direct them toward being their best science selves.”

Congratulations Tanya, Jessie, Ana, and Roger! Your contributions make our school shine, and we appreciate you.