Mizzou Academy Makes a Significant Impact in 2023

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Mizzou Academy is a lab school within the University of Missouri’s College of Education and Human Development. We strive to live and teach our core values of innovation, partnership, inclusion, and access as we serve students in online and blended contexts around the world.  

“2023 is a huge year for us,” says Executive Director Kathryn Fishman-Weaver. “This was the year we celebrated our largest and most culturally diverse graduating class. It was also the year we completed the library build for the Missouri Office of Childhood. From teaching and learning, to service projects, and new partnerships, I can’t imagine a team more dedicated to childhood wellbeing.”

Infographic showing the diverse impacts that Mizzou Academy made in 2023.
Mizzou Academy Impacts for 2023

The 2023 impact report speaks to the broad reach of Mizzou Academy. Last year, the school served over 7,000 K-12 students from 42 countries of residence; it strengthened school community and professional development opportunities; and it promoted extracurricular growth, including a new science team, a robust National Honor Society chapter, and an academic summer program. 

Many on the team have heard Dr. Fishman-Weaver say that “Mizzou Academy is a global school with deep local roots.” These local roots are reflected across the impact report and include a regular commitment to service with local nonprofits working for food security and childhood wellbeing. 

Below are more details about and links to some of our impact celebrations. In 2023, we:

Reflecting on our 2023 impact reminds us that Mizzou Academy has good reason to celebrate, and that celebrations are important. In fact, we even commemorated our completion of the Office of Childhood Training Library with a full gold carpet ceremony

Since we now own 15 feet of gold carpet, let’s put it to use and keep those celebrations going in 2024!