Stephanie Walter Celebrated for Outstanding Engagement and Outreach Contributions to the College 

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The College of Education and Human Development’s 56th annual awards ceremony recognized the achievements of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who have made outstanding contributions to the College. Among the honorees was our own Stephanie Walter, Director of Teaching and Learning.

On March 8, 2024, Stephanie Walter received our College’s award for Outstanding Engagement and Outreach.  Her nominations noted her passion for teaching and learning, compassion for everyone, gift for leadership, and commitment to excellence. 

The official nomination was prepared by Brian Stuhlman and Dr. Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, who wrote, “Neither of us can think of anybody more dedicated to supporting student, family, and community learning.” Kathryn continued, “As the executive director for Mizzou Academy, I can attest that Stephanie’s efforts have a direct positive impact on close to 7,000 students annually.” 

This year marks 20 years that Stephanie has been teaching and leading at Mizzou Academy. In that time, Stephanie has served as a teacher, assistant principal, and since 2021 as our Director of Teaching and Learning. She says she appreciates how this role gives her the opportunity to develop curriculum, support lead teachers, manage a large team of instructional specialists, and partner with classroom teachers. Stephanie is passionate about student and teacher support, and best practices in online and blended education.  She also has a special gift for curriculum development and has had numerous opportunities to hone that skill. During her tenure at Mizzou Academy, Stephanie has authored and co-authored 21 online and blended courses and leads professional development workshops around the world. 

When Brian and Kathryn let others know they were preparing nomination materials, testimonials and support flooded their inboxes. Over twenty people contributed to the nomination packet, each sharing stories, praise, and specific examples about Stephanie’s outstanding achievements in engagement and outreach. 

Jeff Kopolow, Social Studies Lead, says it well: “When I think of Stephanie Walter, I envision a rare person—one who epitomizes the characteristics of being kind, caring, intelligent, and insightful.  When you are with Stephanie, nothing is about ‘her.’ It’s about ‘you’  and how she can support you. It’s about students and how she can assist in creating the best possible environment for growth and learning. So often her opening line is ‘How can I help?’ Whether it is professional development for staff, creation of new courses, analysis of programs, or the support of individual students having temporary difficulties, she is right there, sleeves rolled up, totally immersed in the task at hand. No matter what that task might be, Stephanie maintains her sensitivity not only to each individual, but also to the total group. Yes, Stephanie Walter is an outstanding educator. More importantly, she is simply among the best human beings there is. I am happily one of the many to have had their lives enriched by knowing Stephanie. She is the greatest.”

At the awards ceremony, Stephanie was joined by an enthusiastic cheering squad including her family, friends, and colleagues.

Tami Regan, our Business Director, was among those eager to celebrate Stephanie. “For over 20 years, Ms. Walter has been a pivotal leader for Mizzou Academy,” says Tami. “Her passion for people and for teaching is threaded throughout her vast influence at Mizzou Academy. She is revered for her experience, her guidance, and her heart, not only internally to the department, but also by our many domestic and international partners. No matter how hectic her schedule might be, she takes the time to listen, encourage, and support faculty, staff, partners, and students. Ms. Walter’s influence reaches across the department, the college, the state of Missouri, the U.S. and beyond!”

Hear hear! Stephanie, for all these reasons and more, we celebrate you!